How Twilio billing works

This guide is intended to explain how Twilio project balances and billing works. Confused about the charging process? Unsure of where your project balance went? Please read on for a thorough explanation.

Project Balance

By default, all Twilio project billing comes out of your Twilio project balance. When you pay for an initial project balance and upgrade your project, we'll begin to deduct monthly costs and regular usage fees from this balance.

We’ll notify you by email when your balance hits $5.00, and then again when your balance reaches $0. If your balance reaches $0, your project will be suspended. If a call is in progress at this time, it can complete naturally, and result in a negative balance.

Once a project is in a zero or negative balance state, you will be unable to use it for calls, messages, etc., until it is recharged.

Refill your Twilio Balance

Project balance refill options can be found on the Billing Overview page in Console. Here, you can manually request a payment to refill your balance, or tell us to auto recharge the project and refill your balance when it hits a specific threshold. For more details, please see the following resources:


Twilio is required to collect taxes from customers in a number of jurisdictions around the world. Twilio collects taxes or early in the month for the prior month's usage. For full details, see When Does Twilio Charge Taxes.

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