A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: We are experiencing delays while vetting 10DLC campaigns. Our third party is reviewing campaigns manually, and due to the high volume of requests, a queue has built up. Campaign reviews are expected to take longer. Twilio is working with the provider to help expedite this process. New details will be shared in our incident report as soon they become available.

How Does Twilio's Pricing Work?

Twilio’s standard pricing falls into two categories: Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs), and Pay-as-you-go usage charges.

Monthly Recurring Charges

MRCs are charges that are billed to your account balance at regular monthly intervals. Twilio bills an MRC for the following products:

Twilio Phone Numbers: Each Twilio phone number you purchase has a monthly charge attached. These charges may vary based on the phone number type, capabilities, and country of origin. For full details, please see How much does a phone number cost.

Twilio Short Codes: Twilio Short Codes for SMS have a monthly charge that is billed quarterly. These charges can vary based on the country of origin, if Twilio operates your number, or random vs. vanity. For full details, please see How Much Does a Short Code Cost?

Calls Per Second (CPS) and Short Code throughput increases: Outbound Call and Short Code SMS throughput increases are available for a monthly fee. For details on the default account limitations, please see Sending and Receiving Limitations on Calls and SMS Messages. For pricing inquiries, please reach out to your Account Manager, or contact Sales.

Twilio Support Plans: Twilio provides free email support, but we also offer upgraded support plans with guaranteed response times and phone support. For full details, please see our Support Plans landing page.

Twilio Enterprise Plans: Twilio Enterprise Plans provide additional security controls, flexible billing and invoicing options, and more. For full details, please see our Enterprise Plans landing page.

Twilio Interconnect: Private connections through Twilio Interconnect have a monthly fee that can vary based on the service type and connection speed. For full details, please see the pricing information at the bottom of our Interconnect landing page.

Twilio Studio Enterprise: The Twilio Studio Enterprise plan offers additional user controls, and unlimited executions. For more details, please reach out to your Account Manager, or contact Sales.

Pay-as-you-go Usage Charges

Most other Twilio products and services are billed to your account balance on a per-use basis. For full details, please see our pricing site.


Twilio is required to collect taxes from customers in a number of jurisdictions around the world. Twilio collects taxes or early in the month for the prior month's usage. For full details, see When Does Twilio Charge Taxes.

Volume Pricing

Twilio offers volume pricing discounts for most of our products. Please visit the product-specific pricing site for volume pricing examples. For full details, please reach out to your Account Manager, or contact Sales.

View Account Charges

Monthly account charges can be seen by logging into your account and visiting www.twilio.com/console/usage.

Twilio Account Billing

When you upgrade to a paid account, we’ll deduct the cost for your MRCs and pay-as-you go usage, until your account balance hits zero. For more details, please see our article for How Twilio Billing Works.

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