How do I set an automatic payment recharge trigger?

An automatic payment trigger can be added to your Twilio project to refill your balance once a specific threshold is hit. We recommend using the auto recharge to help prevent your project from being suspended for zero or negative balance. This guide explains how to set and remove recharge triggers.

Notification Triggers

All Twilio projects have a default notification trigger that is hit when your balance reaches $5. When this threshold is met, a notification will go out to your email address advising that your balance is low.

The notification trigger is meant as a reminder to refill your project balance, and prevent it from hitting zero (or negative), and being suspended. Setting an auto recharge trigger for $10 - the lowest level we offer - should prevent you from seeing the notification trigger in most cases.

To add a custom balance notification trigger, please contact Support.

Set a Recharge Trigger

  1. Access the Billing Overview page in Console. 
  2. Click Enable auto recharge.
  3. Click the Auto Recharge switch to show "Enabled".
  4. Adjust the "Recharge Balance To" and "When Balance Falls Below" options as desired, and then click Select Payment Method. We also recommend to select a backup payment method to lower the risk of your account getting suspended for negative balance.
    Note: If you don't have a Payment Method - please add one, to be able to select it.

  5. Choose the desired payment method, and then click Select.
  6. Confirm your settings are correct, and then click Save.

Remove a Recharge Trigger

  1. Access the Billing Overview page in Console. 
  2. Click Edit auto recharge settings.
  3. Click the Auto Recharge switch to show "Disabled".
  4. Click Save.

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