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Check Your Twilio Account Balance

A Twilio account's current balance can be checked via Console or the REST API. This guide will walk you through both methods.

Check an Account Balance via Console

Your Twilio account balance can be seen in a number of locations in Console:

Check an Account Balance via the REST API

An account's current balance can also be checked by making an HTTP GET request to an account's Balance resource. Here’s an example cURL script:

curl -G https://api.twilio.com/2010-04-01/Accounts/ACXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/Balance.json \

This example request the current balance for the account with Account SID ACXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. To make this script work for you, make the following updates, and then paste it into a terminal window:

You should see a response in the following format:

"currency": "USD",
"balance": "12.29",

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