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Manually Add Funds and Refill your Twilio Project Balance

An upgraded Twilio project defaults to automatically recharging your project balance when it falls under $10. If automatic recharge is not used, you can manually add funds to your Twilio project at any time.

Notification Triggers

All Twilio projects have a default notification trigger that is hit when your balance reaches $5. When this threshold is met, a notification will go out to your email address advising that your balance is low.

The notification trigger is meant as a reminder to refill your project balance, and prevent it from hitting zero (or negative), and being suspended. To automatically refill your project balance as needed, set a payment recharge trigger.

To add a custom balance notification trigger, please contact Support.

Add funds from a payment source

  1. Access the Billing Overview page in Console.
  2. Under "Current Balance", click Add Funds.
  3. Select the "Payment" option, and then enter the desired amount and select the desired payment method, from the drop down menu.
    If you still have not added one, or you want to use a new method - click on the link Add a new payment method and follow the steps.
    When ready - click of "Add to my balance" to finalize the payment, a notification will appear at the right side of the screen.

Notice: If you want to add funds, using a Promo code - please refer to the article here.

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