Upgrading to a paid Twilio Account

All newly created Twilio projects gets a free trial for testing our services. To upgrade your project, and remove all trial limitations, you'll need to add your billing information and charge your initial account balance. This guide explains the upgrade process.

Notice: Free trial projects are given a small balance for limited testing. Upgrading your project removes these trial limitations, and any remaining free trial balance. The beginning balance on an upgraded project will be limited to the amount funded while upgrading (see Step 7), or the amount of a promo code used to upgrade.

  1. Login to your Twilio project at www.twilio.com/console.
  2. Click Upgrade Project at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter your phone number for verification, and then click Verify.
  4. A verification code will be sent in a text message to your phone number. Enter the code, and then click Submit.
    Note: To receive a verification code via a voice call, click Want to verify with a call...
  5. In the "Add Company Address" section, select the country where you will consume Twilio services. When the section expands, enter your service address, and then click Add and Continue.
  6. In the "Add a Billing Address" section, select the country for your billing address. When the section expands, enter your billing address, and then click Add and Continue.
    Note: If your service and billing addresses match, click Same as Company Address.
  7. In the "Add Payment Information and Funds" section, enter credit card details or a paypal account, and the desired initial funds (default $20), then click Upgrade Account.
    Note: To upgrade using a promo code, click Use Promo Code. Your payment information will still be needed, but won't be used to fund your initial balance.

Notice: Enable the Automatic Recharge switch to automatically charge your payment source, and refill your project balance when it falls below $10. Disabling this option allows your project to hit zero (or negative) balance, and would require you to manually add funds to prevent account suspension.

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