How much does a Short Code cost?

Twilio short codes have one-time setup fees, regularly billed leasing or service charges, and per-message usage charges. Please read on for a breakdown of all fees and charges.

Nonprofit organizations may be eligible for a discount on their short code lease cost. For more information and eligibility requirements, please contact Sales.

One-time Setup Fees

The following fees are charged once when setting up a short code with Twilio:

Country Fee Type One-time Cost
USA Setup fee $650
  MMS Enablement fee $500
Canada Setup fee $3,000

Short Code Recurring Charges

Short Code leases and service charges are billed on a quarterly (every 3 months) or annual (once yearly) basis. Yearly subscriptions receive a discount equal to one month, as shown in the table below. Short codes leased directly by the customer (self-leased) are also billed at a discount, with just a service charge being applied.

Country Short Code Type Quarterly Cost Annual Cost
USA Random number $3,000 $11,000
  Vanity number $4,500 $16,500
  Customer self-leased $1,500 $5,500
Canada Vanity number $3,000 $11,000
  Customer self-leased $2,000 $7,333.33
UK Random number $5,000 $16,500
Unless otherwise stated, taxes are not included in our prices and all applicable taxes are payable by Customer. All prices in USD and are subject to change.

Notice: Customer self-leased costs only account for Twilio's connection fees. Lease fees from your provider are not included in this pricing.

Short Code Message Pricing

Short code usage is billed at a per-message rate:

Country Message Type Inbound Cost Outbound Cost
USA SMS $0.0075 $0.0075
  MMS $0.01 $0.02
Canada SMS $0.005 $0.03
UK SMS $0.0075 $0.04

Additional wireless carrier message fees: Some wireless carriers charge additional per-message transaction fees. These fees vary depending on the carrier, and message type. For full details, please see our SMS Pricing Page.

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