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Review your Twilio project usage and metrics

Twilio allows you to tap into a good deal of interesting metadata about your app's phone calls, SMS messages, and other product usage. This guide explains how to get useful information out of all that raw data.

Standard usage dashboards

Twilio's web interface has built in graphs which can be found in the Usage pages on Console. For more information about using the dashboard, see Getting started with the Twilio Console Usage page.

You can also find product-specific dashboards in Console, such as those for SMS and Voice. The charts on these pages are updated relatively frequently, which means that they are a good way to get a general idea of the recent activity of your application.

Customize my usage dashboard

Twilio's Usage pages on Console allow you to expand product sections to see details of your usage. If you need additional data customization, or if it's important to display your data in a manner that matches your aesthetic, you can use Twilio's flexible Usage API to build your own metrics page. The Usage API provides data for any date range, from any usage category. For full details, see REST API: Usage Records (Twilio Docs).

Can I use APIs to get my project balance?

Yes, with an HTTP GET request to the REST API's balance resource. For full details, see Check Your Twilio Project Balance.

Get detailed call and message records

While the Usage API should be able to supply the necessary data for most use cases, it is not yet able to provide usage by phone number. If you need to display your data in this way, we suggest building a database to keep a duplicate copy of your call and message data.

Export your data and work your spreadsheet magic!

Exporting your data lets you slice the data however you want. For help with this, see Exporting SMS and Call Logs.

I need data, and none of these options work for me!

If none of the above options is providing the data you need, please feel free to contact our Support team. We're happy to help you find a way to get it.

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