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Apply for the Twilio.org Impact Access Program

Note: As of March 1st 2023, having a payment method on-file is no longer a prerequisite step to becoming a Twilio.org Impact Access Member. Applicants will receive their product benefits as soon as their eligibility is confirmed and their Twilio account is upgraded. We will remind you to add a payment method to your account later to avoid any disruption when credits are fully consumed.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Step 1: Choose your Organization Type to determine eligibility.  

Step 2: Fill out organizational details for approval

Step 3: Upgrade your Twilio account

Next Steps 

Getting Started: 

You must apply for the Impact Access Program from the Twilio Account that you would like to receive program benefits. For an overview of the Impact Access Program, please see Impact Access Program Eligibility Guidelines.

Specific program benefits for eligible organizations include:

  •  $100 one-time product credit to help launch your Twilio app

  •  Discounted pricing on most Twilio products 

  •  Access to getting started resources for social impact via our Impact Access Builder Hub

In the Console, Navigate to Billing Overview, then to Nonprofit Benefits and click “Sign Up.” 

Sign_Up_Screen_Shot.pngThe following instructions pertain to accounts using USD or GBP. If your account is using a different currency, you’ll see instructions to email sumbissions@twilio.org to apply.

There are 3 steps to complete in order to receive Twilio.org pricing benefits (discounts + credits):

  1. Choose your organization type to determine eligibility
  2. Fill out organization details for approval
  3. Upgrade your Twilio account

Note: As of March 1st 2023, you no longer need to have an auto-recharge payment method on-file to receive your pricing benefits. You will need to add one later, however, to avoid account suspension when your credits are consumed. We will send you an email once per month while you still have remaining credits reminding you to add an auto-recharge payment method.

Step 1: Choose your Organization Type to determine eligibility.  

First, you’ll select your organization type from a dropdown. If you’re not sure about your organization, see  Impact Access Program Eligibility Guidelines.

Screen_Shot_2022-09-12_at_4.55.40_PM.pngPublic Benefits Nonprofits (501(c)(3) organizations in the US and the international equivalents) are required to use Twilio’s TechSoup Verification and will enter their TechSoup validation token in this step. For step-by-step instructions, see Get Verified with TechSoup


Nonprofits that provide a valid TechSoup token will be instantly approved for the Impact Access Program and do not require a review from our team. All other eligible organization types will need to provide documentation in Step 2 to support your eligibility.

Step 2: Fill out organizational details for approval

In this section you’ll provide additional details about your organization. This includes:

  • Organization Name
  • Website
  • Focus Area
  • Document to Support Eligibility (for some organization types). For required document details, see Verifying Eligibility.

Public Benefit Nonprofits using a TechSoup token are approved instantly. All other organization types will be asked to upload documentation to support your eligibility.  For these organizations, the Twilio.org team will email you within 5 business days to let you know if your application was approved. 


Impact Access Program benefits will be applied once your eligibility has been confirmed and you have successfully upgraded your account in Step 3. 

Step 3: Upgrade your Twilio account

If your account is still in trial mode, you’ll need to upgrade your account to receive program benefits.


In addition to receiving your Impact Access benefits, upgrading will also remove the limitations of a trial account. 

Next Steps

Once you've successfully completed all 3 steps, you will be onboarded onto the Impact Access Program. You will receive both the launch credits and discounts applied to your account. Now, you can start using your Twilio.org benefits to scale your organization’s mission!

Your account doesn’t need an auto-recharge payment method to begin using your benefits. However, you’ll need to add an auto-recharge payment method before your credits are consumed in order to avoid account suspension. We'll email you to remind you to add a payment method as you use your credits.


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