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Impact Access Program Eligibility Guidelines

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Program Overview

Eligibility Guidelines

Verifying Eligibility

Program Overview provides benefits to social impact organizations who use Twilio to advance their missions. The Impact Access Program encompasses support for organizations across Twilio’s products, people, and funding. Specific program benefits for eligible organizations include:

  • $100 one-time product credit to help launch your Twilio app

  •  Discounted pricing on most Twilio products 

  •  Access to Twilio resources, including tutorials, guides, and customer support

  •  Invitation to apply for grants and investments through the Impact Fund (only select entity types are eligible; see details below)

To sign up for the Impact Access Program, click here.

Eligibility Guidelines

The entity types described below are eligible for the Impact Access program. Note that qualification under the social enterprise and unregistered social impact initiative categories are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Entity Type Description Legal Designation (US) Legal Designation (Non-US) Examples

Public benefit nonprofit

Nonprofits and NGOs who operate principally to benefit the general public.


Organizations that meet criteria of TechSoup’s Local NGO definition

Humanitarian aid organization, food bank, private university

Mutual benefit nonprofit

Nonprofit that works for the benefit of a select group of members rather than for the general public.

501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), 501(c)(6), or any other 501(c) designations

Local equivalent

Social welfare organization, labor union, credit union

Social enterprise

For-profit companies that use a business model to intentionally achieve a positive social, economic, environmental or cultural outcome.

  • US: Public Benefit Corporation, B-Corp Certified Companies, L3C
  • CA: Community Contribution Companies
  • UK: Community Interest Companies
  • A traditionally incorporated business with a documented commitment to creating a positive social impact

Companies improving education, emergency response, or healthcare

Approved international organization

Recognized autonomous international organizations working for global public benefit under the U.S.  International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA).

Designated public international organizations recognized by the U.S. under IOIA.

Full list of organizations

UN agencies, international financial institutions

Public education 

Primary, Secondary or Higher Education institutions that are primarily locally, state or federally funded.


Government Entity 


Local Equivalent


Public Pre K-12 schools, Public Colleges and Universities 



Unregistered social impact initiative

Individuals or small groups who function temporarily as a nonprofit entity without incorporation to perform some social good activity. 


Nonprofits that are not yet registered with their local government, volunteer groups, students, independent hacktivists 

Ineligible Entity Types

The below entity types are not eligible for the Impact Access program at this time:

  •  Government entities: Entity is that which is closely affiliated, generally by government ownership or control, with federal, state or local governments (e.g. Department of Health, Public Works, Fire Department).

  •  Political organizations: Tax-exempt organizations created primarily to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office (e.g. political candidate, party, PAC, or other committee).

  • Traditional business with public benefit use case: Businesses that do not meet the above definition of a social enterprise that have a specific use case that creates positive social impact (e.g. social impact arm of company).

While these organization types aren't eligible for the Impact Access program, we'd still love to help you reach your engagement goals. Contact a Twilio specialist to learn more about resources available for your organization.

Verifying Eligibility

Note: As of May 2023, Impact Access will inherit trust from verified nonprofit U.S. A2P Brands. Any account associated with a Primary A2P Brand confirmed with a 501(c) tax exempt status will be automatically approved for Impact Access with no additional verification required. This apples to public benefit and mutual benefit nonprofits with a presence in the U.S.

For more information on how to register for U.S. A2P messaging as a nonprofit, please see this guide.

In order to be accepted into the Impact Access Program, you must verify your status as one of the eligible entity types above. Proof of eligibility will be required when signing up for the Impact Access Program in the Twilio Console.


Entity Type

Vetting Timeframe

Verifying Authority

Proof of Eligibility

Public benefit nonprofit

⚡️Instant⚡️ with validated TechSoup account or qualifying U.S. A2P Brand

TechSoup or U.S. A2P Brand

- TechSoup Validation Token

-  Nonprofit U.S. A2P Primary Brand confirmed with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status

Mutual benefit nonprofit

- ⚡️Instant⚡️ for qualifying U.S. A2P Brand

- ~5 business days otherwise

U.S. A2P Brand or 

- Document asserting current tax-exempt status including but not limited to:

  • IRS nonprofit determination letter
  • IRS Form 990 from the latest tax year
  • For assistance finding these documents, you can search for IRS tax-exempt organizations here.

- Nonprofit U.S. A2P Primary Brand confirmed with other 501(c) tax exempt status

Social enterprise

~5 business days

Social enterprise eligibility form 

Make a copy, complete the fields, save as a PDF. Then, attach it to your Impact Access application as your document to support eligibility.


Approved international organization

~5 business days

Document proving representation of one of the public international organizations designated by the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA).

Public education

~5 business days

Public education eligibility form

Make a copy, complete the fields, save as a PDF. Then, attach it to your Impact Access application as your document to support eligibility. 

Unregistered impact initiative

~5 business days

Unregistered impact initiative eligibility form

Make a copy, complete the fields, save as a PDF. Then, attach it to your Impact Access application as your document to support eligibility.


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