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Getting started with the Twilio Console Usage page

The Usage page in Twilio Console allows customers to review their Twilio accounts’s usage and spend history. Here, customers are presented a number of options for reviewing their total and per-subaccount usage as well as product breakdowns and daily charges. This guide explains how to find and get started with the Usage page.

Notice: Customers looking to build their own internal metric tracking, may be better served using the Usage Records API. For more information, see Review your Twilio account usage and metrics.

Where is the Usage page?

Twilio’s Usage page can be found in Console using the following methods:

Usage Summary

The Usage Summary page allows you to see per-product usage for a specific month, with or without including your accounts's subaccounts. The data here is updated in near-real time, and displays the timestamp of the most recent update for transparency.


Notice: While the product use detailed in Usage Summary is near-real time, the costs listed should be considered an estimate based on the usage. For exact prices, costs, and/or fees, please refer to your monthly invoice, contract, or order form (as applicable).

Select the month to view

The Usage Summary page displays the current month's usage by default. To view an alternate month, click the drop-down menu, and then select the desired month. Please note, the Usage Summary page can only display usage for a single month at once. There is currently no option to view a usage report for multiple months, or a total year summary.


Expand usage details

Click the arrow icon usageSum_expand_ICON_18x20.png to the left of the account name to expand the usage details. Once expanded, you can see usage split across product lines with details on the quantity, respective units, and costs associated with each group. Click additional arrow icons to expand products further, and see how charges were billed under each product line.


Once the account and products are expanded, additional options become available:

  • Click a link like Go to Phone Numbers or Go to Voice Logs to see the Console page for each product.
  • Click an expanded product secondary or tertiary category like SMS or Voice minutes to see a table of daily cost totals. Scroll over any data point to see the day's usage; click it to show details below the graph.

Subaccount Usage

Navigate to the Subaccounts Usage page in Console for total and per-subaccount billing information across all subaccounts under your account.


From the Subaccounts Usage page, the following options are available:

  • Click the View All drop-down menu to filter subaccounts by their current status.
  • Enter search terms and click Filter to search by name or account SID.
  • Click any subaccount name to view a Usage Summary page specifically for this subaccount.

Which timezone is the data in?

All usage dates and times are presented in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). 

I was charged a larger than usual recharge amount, but I cannot find details for it. Why is that?

When closing billing after the end of the month, Twilio may calculate billing adjustments that add to your previous month’s usage. Navigate to the Usage Summary on your invoice and view the previous month to see the taxes, support charges, and other one-time charges added after the end of the month. For more details, see When does Twilio charge taxes.

Where can I find additional product details?

For more information about your usage of each Twilio product, visit the product-specific dashboards in Console. You can find these by clicking the All Products and Services icon usageSum_allProds_ICON_20x20.png from any page in Console.

Console Usage page FAQ

Q: Why am I being charged for phone numbers, even though I didn't purchase any this month?
A: Twilio phone numbers are charged a monthly lease fee for each month that you have them provisioned on a account or subaccount. These charges continue each month until the phone number is released. New phone number purchases for the month are listed in the Usage Summary as Phone Number Setups. For more information, see How much does a phone number cost.

Q: When and why are taxes charged?
A: Twilio calculates and applies taxes based on the service address provided. Taxes incurred for usage throughout the month are added at the beginning of the following month. For more information, see When does Twilio charge taxes.

Q: I see charges for more SMS than I sent. Why is that?
A: Long SMS are broken into smaller segments of 160 characters each by the telecom carriers. Each segment is charged at the rate of one SMS. The invoice shows the total segments used. For more information, see How much does it cost to send a message with more than 160 characters.

Q: Why do I see differences between my invoice, the usage summary, and the product logs?
A: For invoicing purposes, Twilio always uses the UTC timezone. Because of this, user accounts set to use a local (non-UTC) timezone will likely see differences in the usage captured in Console product logs on the first and last days of the month. For help switching to or from UTC, see Change the time zone in your Twilio project.

Q: Why am I charged for more minutes of calls than my aggregate usage?
A: Default voice call billing rounds up call times to the next minute for applying charges. For example if you make 10 calls of 5 seconds each, you would be charged for 10 different 1min calls. For more information, see How do you round minutes for billing.

Q: Where can I see billing adjustments made to a previous month?
A: At present, we do not show billing adjustments on the usage page in Console. While we work on adding this feature, please refer to your monthly invoice for details about billing adjustments. For help accessing your invoice, see When and where can I find my invoice.

Q: Where can I find more information on Twilio metrics?
A: You can learn more, see Reviewing your Twilio project's data and metrics.

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