What is Global SMS and how does it work?

Twilio is able to send SMS messages to billions of people in 150+ countries. To see if a country or carrier is supported, please visit our SMS Pricing Page and enter in the name of the country, then scroll down to the section labeled “All SMS pricing for” the country to see the carriers supported. We also offer Global SMS-enabled phone numbers in several countries

How can I get started with Global SMS?

  1. If you haven’t already done so, create a Twilio project. If you are offered a Twilio phone number, please be sure to select a phone number that has global SMS capability, such as a local number in United States or Canada.
  2. To use Global SMS, we recommend that you upgrade your project, but you can use your trial project by following these instructions.
  3. If you don’t already have one, please purchase an SMS-enabled phone number. You may not need a Twilio phone number if you plan to send messages using alphanumeric sender ID.
  4. By default, Twilio projects are enabled to send SMS messages to any supported country. You can double check the permissions on the SMS Global Permissions page.
  5. Try using our API Explorer to send a message. Simply fill out the required fields and click “Make Request”.

What format should I type the phone numbers in?

Please enter all phone numbers in E.164 format. No leading “0”s, no international trunk code, just a “+” followed by the country code, followed by the rest of the number.

What should I do if something doesn’t work?

Most issues with sending Global SMS can be resolved or identified by following the steps in this SMS troubleshooting guide.

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