Twilio international phone number availability and their capabilities

Twilio offers Voice and SMS enabled phone numbers globally. These phone numbers are either generally available (GA) or in Beta. In addition, you can request early access to the latest numbers added to Twilio in Preview before they're available via the Console or API.

You can view regulatory requirements for all Twilio phone numbers at this page.  

Dual Functionality (Voice and SMS enabled) Phone Numbers

Twilio phone numbers from the following countries have dual functionality and can be used to make/receive phone calls as well as to send/receive messages. International permissions can be enabled for Voice and SMS respectively.

Country Beta/GA Phone Number
Calls Only
SMS Only
Australia GA Mobile Yes  Yes
Belgium GA Mobile No Yes
BrazilNOW IN BETA Beta Mobile No Yes
Canada GA Local No No
Chile Preview Local No Yes
DenmarkNOW IN BETA Beta Mobile No No
Germany GA Mobile No  No
Israel GA Mobile No  No
Puerto Rico GA Local No  No
South Africa Preview Mobile No Yes
United Kingdom GA Mobile No No
United Kingdom GA Local No No 
United States GA Local No  No

Voice Enabled Only Phone Numbers

Twilio phone numbers from the following countries are able to make and receive voice calls. International dialing can be enabled from the global permissions page for Voice.

Country Beta/GA Phone Number
Calls Only
AlgeriaNOW IN GA GA National No
Argentina GA Local Yes
Armenia Preview National No
Australia GA Local No
Austria Preview Local No
Austria GA National No
Barbados GA Local Yes
Belarus Preview Mobile No
Belgium GA Local  No 
Belgium Preview National No
Benin GA Mobile No
Bosnia and HerzegovinaNOW IN GA GA National Yes
Brazil GA Local No 
Bulgaria GA Local No 
Burkina Faso Preview Local No
Cambodia Preview Local No
Cayman Islands  GA Local No
Chile GA Local No 
Colombia GA Local No
Costa Rica Preview National No
Croatia GA Local No 
Cyprus GA Local No 
Czech Republic GA Local No 
Czech Republic GA National No
Dominican Republic GA Local No 
EcuadorNOW IN GA GA Local No 
El Salvador GA Local No 
Estonia GA Local No 
Estonia GA National No
Finland GA Local No 
Finland GA National No
Ghana GA Mobile No
Greece GA Local No
GrenadaNOW IN GA GA Local No
Guatemala GA Local No
Hungary GA Local No 
Iceland GA Local No 
Indonesia GA Local  No
Isle of Man Preview Mobile No
Israel GA Local and National No 
Jamaica  GA Local No
Japan GA National No
Kazakhstan Preview Local No
Kenya GA Local No 
Latvia GA Local No 
Lithuania GA Local No 
Macau GA Mobile No
Madagascar Preview Mobile Yes
Mali Beta Local No
Malta GA National No
Malaysia Preview Local No
Malaysia GA Mobile Yes
Mauritius  GA Mobile No
Mexico GA Local No
Moldova Preview Local No
Namibia  Beta National Yes
New Zealand GA Local No 
NicaraguaNOW IN BETA Beta Local No
Pakistan Preview Local No
Panama  GA Local No 
Peru GA Local No 
Philippines GA Local No
Poland GA Local No 
Portugal GA National No 
Romania GA Local No 
SingaporeNOW IN BETA Beta National No 
Slovakia GA Local No 
Slovenia GA Local No 
South Africa Preview Local No 
South AfricaNOW IN BETA Beta National No
South Korea Preview National Yes
Spain GA Local No
Spain GA National No 
Sri Lanka Preview Mobile Yes
SudanNOW IN BETA Beta Local No
Sweden GA Local No 
Sweden GA National No
Switzerland GA Local No 
TaiwanNOW IN BETA Beta Local No
Tajikistan Preview Local No
Thailand GA Local Yes
Trinidad and Tobago  GA Local No
Tunisia  Beta National No
Turkey Preview National No
Uganda  Beta National Yes
Ukraine Preview National Yes
United Kingdom GA Local and National No 
Uruguay Preview Local Yes
Venezuela Preview Local Yes
Vietnam Beta Local No


SMS Enabled Only Phone Numbers

Twilio phone numbers from the following countries are able to send and receive SMS. Some of these numbers are both domestic and global SMS enabled, while some can only be used to send domestic messages. International SMS permission can be enabled here.

Country Beta/GA Phone Number
Domestic SMS
Australia GA Mobile Yes
Austria GA Mobile No
Bangladesh Preview Local Yes
Chile GA Mobile Yes
Croatia  GA Mobile No
Czech Republic GA Mobile Yes
DenmarkNOW IN BETA Beta Mobile No 
Estonia GA Mobile No
FinlandNOW IN BETA Beta Mobile No
Guatemala Preview Mobile Yes
Hong Kong GA Mobile Yes
Hungary GA Mobile No
Israel GA Mobile No
Latvia GA Mobile No
Lithuania GA Mobile Yes
Malaysia GA Mobile Yes
Mexico Preview Mobile No
Netherlands GA Mobile No
Norway GA Mobile No
Philippines*NOW IN BETA Beta Mobile Yes
Poland GA Mobile No
Portugal GA Mobile No
Singapore Beta Mobile No
Slovakia Preview Mobile No
SloveniaNOW IN BETA Beta Mobile No
South KoreaNOW IN BETA Beta Mobile Yes
Spain GA Mobile No
Sweden GA Mobile No
Switzerland GA Mobile No
TaiwanNOW IN BETA Preview Mobile Yes
United Kingdom GA Mobile No

Note: While global SMS enabled numbers can generally be used to reach other international destinations, using such numbers to reach +1 destinations (US and Canada) is not supported. You may receive 400 response with error 21612 when attempting to do so. 

*Philippines Mobile: Users must opt-in to receive messages. Peer-to-peer messages prohibited.

Toll Free Phone Numbers

Twilio offers toll free phone numbers from the following countries. These numbers are designed to be used for inbound voice calls, are domestically reachable only, and are not accessible from payphones. The exception is US Toll Free numbers which can be reached from Canada and include SMS capabilities.

Country Beta/GA Phone Number
Domestic calls
Argentina Beta Toll Free Yes 
Australia * GA Toll Free Yes 
Austria Beta Toll Free Yes 
Belarus Beta Toll Free Yes 
Belgium Preview Toll Free Yes 
Bolivia Preview Toll Free Yes 
Botswana Beta Toll Free Yes 
Bulgaria Beta Toll Free Yes
Brazil Beta Toll Free Yes 
Canada GA Toll Free Yes 
Chile Preview Toll Free Yes
Colombia Beta Toll Free Yes
Costa Rica Preview Toll Free Yes
Czech Republic Beta Toll Free Yes  
Denmark Beta Toll Free Yes  
Ecuador Preview Toll Free Yes
Egypt Preview Toll Free Yes  
Finland Beta Toll Free Yes  
France Preview Toll Free Yes 
Hong Kong GA Toll Free Yes  
IndiaNOW IN BETA Beta Toll Free Yes 
Indonesia Beta Toll Free Yes  
Israel Beta Toll Free Yes
Japan  GA Toll Free Yes  
Jordan Preview Toll Free Yes  
Malaysia Beta Toll Free Yes 
Mexico Beta Toll Free Yes 
New Zealand GA Toll Free Yes 
Norway Beta Toll Free Yes 
PanamaNOW IN BETA Beta Toll Free Yes
Paraguay Preview Toll Free Yes
PeruNOW IN BETA Beta Toll Free Yes
Philippines Beta Toll Free Yes 
Poland Beta Toll Free Yes 
Qatar Preview Toll Free Yes 
Romania Beta Toll Free Yes   
Saudi Arabia Preview Toll Free Yes
Serbia Beta Toll Free Yes 
Singapore Preview Toll Free Yes 
Slovakia Beta Toll Free Yes 
South Africa Beta Toll Free Yes 
South Korea Beta Toll Free Yes 
Spain Beta Toll Free Yes 
Sri Lanka Preview Toll Free Yes
Sweden Beta Toll Free Yes 
Taiwan Beta Toll Free Yes
Thailand Beta Toll Free Yes
Uganda Beta Toll Free Yes
United Kingdom GA Toll Free Yes 
United States GA Toll Free Yes  
Uruguay Preview Toll Free Yes
Venezuela Beta Toll Free Yes

* Toll Free (1800) and Shared Cost (1300) numbers available in Australia. Callers will bear some burden when calling Shared Cost numbers.

The rest of the world..

Twilio is in the process of providing phone numbers in more countries as quickly as we can. Each country has different regulations regarding the purchase and sale of telephone numbers, so we are not able to provide a timeline on when numbers in a specific country will be available.

You can make outbound voice calls from any country in the world by validating the caller ID of a phone number you already own in that country.

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