Troubleshooting User Invite Errors

When managing the users on your Twilio account, you may run into user invite errors. Here are some commonly reported user invite errors and recommendations to troubleshoot and resolve them.

I am inviting a new user, but they are not receiving the invite email

Please see Undelivered Password Reset or Verification Code Emails for some helpful information for troubleshooting issues receiving automated emails from Twilio, such as user invitations.

You can’t invite this user to this account.

This error is due to an Organization's domain settings. Organizations can control user sign-ups for email domains they have verified.

To resolve this error, an Organization owner or admin can complete one or both of the following from the Admin Center:

  • Create a new user through the Organization. Once the user accepts the invite to the Organization, they can then be added to the desired account(s) using the Organization’s Invite Users to Account process.
  • Adjust the domain settings of the Organization to allow user sign-ups from the Organization’s verified domains from the Settings section.

Please note: Organizations is an account and user management system separate from the account and user management in Console. Management from an Organization is done from the Admin Center You can read more about Organizations here: Introduction to Organizations.

Alternatively, you can invite the user using an alternate email where the domain is not directly managed by an Organization.

Unable to perform operation. Please try again or visit our help center for assistance.

Remove old pending user invitations before attempting to send additional invitations to resolve this error. See the Remove a User process here.

If you need to invite a large number of users, you can create an Organization and bulk import users to your Organization, then add them to your desired accounts. Please see the following resources for how to complete these steps from the Admin Center:

You can also try logging out of Twilio, clearing browser cache and cookies, then logging back in and trying to invite the user again.

This invitation link is Invalid.

Please note that invitation links are only valid for a short period of time, and only the most recently sent link is valid. Ensure your user is accepting the most recently sent invitation to the account as soon as possible.

If a link is showing as invalid you will need to resend the invite link to the invited user. Please see Add, Remove, or Modify Users with Your Twilio Account for more information on how to resend an invite link.

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