A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: We are experiencing delays while vetting 10DLC campaigns. Our third party is reviewing campaigns manually, and due to the high volume of requests, a queue has built up. Campaign reviews are expected to take longer. Twilio is working with the provider to help expedite this process. New details will be shared in our incident report as soon they become available.

Twilio Support 101

This guide explains our support capabilities, and what you can expect when requesting help for the following product types:

Support for Twilio’s GA Products

Twilio Support is available to answer any questions for Generally Available (GA) products you have related to the following topics:

  • Capabilities and functionality basic “how-to” and configuration guidance
  • Troubleshooting issues with Twilio’s Service and products.
  • Reporting and addressing product defects
  • General account administration and billing assistance

While Twilio Support agents are limited to reviewing code snippets for troubleshooting purposes related to Twilio products, they are unable to write/rewrite your code, update your application, or architect or deploy solutions. Users who need assistance with contracts or architecting and deploying Twilio solutions with confidence should contact Twilio Sales to learn more about which Build Services and Consulting Partners are right for you.

Support for Third Party (non-Twilio) Products and Services

Some customers may utilize a third party service integration powered by Twilio’s API (example: making calls or sending SMS using a CRM software). In these cases, Twilio Support can help with the following topics:

  • Purchasing a phone number
  • Authentication using Twilio account credentials
  • Troubleshooting service, delivery or call issues
  • Twilio settings and configurations

Outside of your Twilio account status and service troubleshooting, our help is likely to be limited. When it comes to third party applications and services, we are unable to provide support for account status issues, or usage/configuration instructions.

Support for Twilio’s Preview and Beta Products

Twilio products and features in pilot, developer preview, and public beta are not covered by Twilio Support agreements, and will not be supported via chat or paid phone support until after production launch. Customer help requests for developer preview and public beta products will be handled by Twilio’s product engineers in order to improve them for general availability release.

Notice: Developer preview and public beta help requests are handled by the engineering teams building these products, so responses times may vary.

For hours of operation, please see Support Business Hours.

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