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Contacting Twilio Support

Twilio Support is available to answer any questions you have about product capabilities, building Twilio apps, and troubleshooting. This guide explains how to best reach out to them.

Note: If you're not a customer yet and are interested in using Twilio for your business, please use our Contact Sales form.

Unable to login?

Users who are having trouble logging in can still submit request to our Support team by visiting the Twilio Help Center. For full details, see How Can I Submit a Support Request Ticket if I can't Log-in to my Twilio Account.

Steps for Contacting Twilio Support

  1. Check our docs for answers to your questions
  2. Select your preferred Twilio Support contact channel
  3. Submit a Support request
  4. Monitor and respond to your open support request

Step 1: Check our docs for answers to your questions

Visit our new site at to search for answers to any questions or issues you're running into. There you'll find the Help Center Assistant, our AI-powered chatbot. Help Center Assistant is able to provide solutions from content on any of our external documentation sites, including API docs, Support knowledge base articles, Blogs, Code Exchange, Twilio Labs, Guidelines, and more. It asks clarifying questions to make sure if understands your issue, and can also help you submit a ticket if it detects you need assistance. Follow the steps below to try and find answers to your issues.

  1. Click one of the listed popular searches, or enter a custom search, and then press Return on your keyboard, or click the blue arrow icon to submit it.
  2. The Help Center Assistant will respond with a solution to your question.
    • Click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons below a search result to tell us if it was helpful or not.
    • To revise your question, modify your search string, and then press Return on your keyboard, or click the blue arrow icon.
      • Ask for more help if you need to submit a support request.
    • Click one of the source articles below your solution to view it.
      • Note: Some source articles may point to content hosted on a different site. When viewing this content, you can return to the Help Center by navigating back to that browser tab, or clicking the Back button on your browser.

Step 2: Select the right account in the Account Switcher

When reporting issues or asking for help, we ask that users submit their request from the account where the reports took place. This allows us to more easily identify any status issues or error notifications on your account, which aids troubleshooting, and helps to speed up resolutions.

  • If you have access to more than one account, please verify that the right account is selected in the Account Switcher.
  • If a different account is selected, please click the Account Switcher drop-down menu, and then select the affected account before submitting your ticket.

Step 3: Submit a Support request via your preferred channel

If you can't find what you're looking for in our documentation, don't worry, we're here to help. We offer a number of options for requesting help from our team, including a ticket form submission, live chat, and phone calls. All customers can submit a request via the ticket form request, and our knowledgable Support staff will respond - usually within 24 hours. Customers with upgraded Support plans have access to faster guaranteed response times, live chat requests, and phone support for some users.

  Help Center
Direct Submit a
ticket form link
Developer X X X
Production X

To see a list of available support options and their features, see our Support Plans overview page. To view or change your current support plan, see the Support Plans page on the Help Center.

Notice: Live Chat and Phone support are not available for some of our engineering products. The following products are limited to email/ticket support only: Programmable Video, Conversations, Studio, REST API, Functions/Serverless, Twilio CLI, Event Streams, Sync, Notify, Frontline, NTS. 

All users

  • Submit a ticket using the Help Center Assistant: Ask for help in the chat, or click the thumbs down icon below an answer, and then select the Submit a Ticket option.

All paid Support (Personalized, Production, and Business) contact options

  • Submit a ticket directly: Click the Submit a Ticket link in the left-side navigation panel to create a new support request.
  • Open a live Chat with Support: Click the Chat with us widget along the bottom-right corner of the window.

Supported attachment file types

Twilio Help Center allows for audio, image, and video file attachments, as well as the following file types:

  • .csv
  • .doc / .docx
  • .har
  • .json
  • .pcap
  • .pdf
  • .ppt / .pptx
  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .xls / .xlsx

Step 4: Monitor and respond to your open support request

Twilio's Support team will respond to your request, and may ask for additional details or clarifications.

  • All requests should receive an email confirmation on submission, as well as for any updates from our Support team. Users can respond to our Support team by replying to the email notification.
  • Users who submit their ticket while logged in to their account can view and respond to their requests via the Help Center Ticket History page. For more help, see Managing your Twilio Support tickets.

Once your questions have been answered, you can close your request via a solved link in email, or in Console.

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