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Change your two-factor authentication (2FA) method

In addition to our existing two-factor authentication (2FA) timeout and security options, we also allow users to select their preferred method for receiving 2FA verification codes. This guide explains how to change the 2FA method for your login.

Notice: 2FA is required for paid Twilio accounts. The 2FA frequency for an account can be updated from the Settings pages in Console. For full details, see Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Twilio Account.

2FA method options

Twilio supports the following methods for receiving 2FA verification codes:

  • SMS text message
  • Voice call
  • 2FA authenticator app (Authy or another TOTP authentication app)

Notice: Once 2FA is enabled, users can freely switch between these options at the 2FA code request screen after logging in. Users cannot, however, switch between 2FA apps without being logged in.

Change your 2FA method

  1. Access the User Settings page in Console.
  2. If the User Settings page is gray, you may need to re-authenticate. Click Authenticate to make changes at the bottom of the screen, and then verify your credentials again to continue.
  3. Scroll to the "Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Methods" section, and then select the desired 2FA method. Click Update 2FA Method to save your selection.
    Note: When re-enabling 2FA, Twilio will save your previously selected method as the default.
    • Authy app: Receive 2FA authentication codes via the Authy app.
    • Text message: Receive 2FA authentication codes via SMS.
    • Voice message: Receive 2FA authentication codes via an automated Voice call.
    • Another authenticator app: Receive 2FA authentication codes via a TOTP authenticator app.
  4. Once your new 2FA method has been selected, you will be required to go through a one-time login and verification process with your new 2FA method of choice.

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