How Does Twilio Flex Pricing Work?

Twilio Flex has two different pricing options:

  • Active user per-hour pricing
  • Named user per-seat pricing

Active user per-hour pricing: The default pricing option, Twilio charges a flat $1 per-hour rate for active users. The first 5,000 hours of Flex activity on your project are free for you to test.

Named user per-seat pricing: The upgraded pricing option, Twilio will charge a flat monthly rate of $150 for each seat. This rate is good for all user types, including agents, supervisors, and administrators.

What is included in paid Flex plans?

Access to Flex is included in both of these paid plans, along with unlimited usage of a number of Twilio services -

  • Twilio Sync
  • Agent Conference
  • Call Recordings
  • Twilio Client & Insights
  • TaskRouter
  • Programmable Chat & Channels
  • Studio Executions
  • Function Invocations
  • Asset Requests
  • Flex WFO

Notice: For a full list, please see the Twilio Flex Fair Usage Policy. WFO and premium products are not included in the free tier. Twilio Programmable Voice and Messaging communications are billed separately.

Choose a Flex Pricing Plan

Here's how to setup a paid Flex pricing plan on your project:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. If you haven't already added funds to your project, click Upgrade to upgrade your account.
  3. Once your project has a balance, click Flex > Pricing, and select the desired pricing plan.
  4. Enter the desired company name, email contact, and timezone for WFO, and then click Submit.

Contract and Volume Pricing

Interested in rolling out Flex to a number of agents? Reach out and discuss it with our Sales Team!

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