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Can I use PayPal to pay Twilio?

Twilio is able to accept PayPal for funding your Twilio project in certain regions. This guide explains how to add a PayPal account as a payment method for refilling your Twilio account balance.

Notice: PayPal is not available as a payment method for Twilio Japan and Twilio Ireland customers, or new UK accounts. These account types will not have the option to add a PayPal method, so we recommend adding a credit card as an alternative.

List of countries where PayPal is not available:

Andorra Austria Åland Islands Belgium Bulgaria Switzerland
Cyprus Czechia Germany Denmark Estonia Spain
Finland Faroe Islands France United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland French Guiana Guernsey
Gibraltar Greenland Guadeloupe Greece Croatia Hungary
Canary Islands Ireland Isle of Man Iceland Italy Jersey
Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Latvia Monaco Martinique
Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Réunion
Romania Sweden Slovenia Slovakia Vanuatu Japan


  1. Access the Payment Methods page in Console.
  2. Click Payment_method_%2B.png link to add a payment method.
  3. Select the "PAYPAL" method, and then click the Paypal logo button.
  4. Login to PayPal in the new browser window, and then scroll to and click Agree & Continue.
    Login to PayPal in the new browser window, and then scroll to and click Agree & continue.
  5. Click Add PayPal.

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