"Configure your number’s SMS URL" message on new Twilio numbers

By default, newly purchased Twilio numbers have sample responses ready if you call them or send an SMS to them. You should configure them as soon as possible:

  1. Go to the Manage Numbers page
  2. Click on your number
  3. There you will see the message request URL, and you are seeing the default URL, possibly ‘https://demo.twilio.com/welcome/sms/reply/’
  4. You can remove this url and add one to your own server, pointing towards a static or dynamically generated XML file with any TwiML response you care to write.

If you just need to receive SMS without responding, and if you don’t want to host your own code, you can create a new TwiML Bin here and enter the following in the “Body”:


Save your TwiML Bin. You’ll then go back to the Numbers page and select your phone number. Find the Messaging section and then select 

  • Configure with Webhooks/TwiML 
  •  A message comes in TwiML  and then select the name of the Bin you created earlier.



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