Is there a way to block incoming SMS on my Twilio phone number?

Unlike voice, there's no way to block specific SMS messages or sending parties on Twilio. You can disable SMS completely for one Twilio number or the numbers within a Messaging Service, but you cannot selectively reject certain messages.

Disable incoming SMS on a specific Twilio number:

If you would like to disable all incoming SMS to a specific Twilio number, you can simply clear out its Messaging configuration on the phone number settings in the Twilio Console. Follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the phone numbers list in the Twilio Console
  2. Click the phone number you want to edit
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, under the header "Messaging"
  4. For the "Configure With" drop-down menu, select "Webhooks, TwiML Bins, Functions, Studio, or Proxy"
  5. Under "A Message Comes In," select "Webhook"
  6. Leave the webhook field blank.
  7. Save your changes

If you do this, any messages sent to that number will not appear on your Twilio account and you will not be billed for them on Twilio.

Disable incoming SMS on a Messaging Service:

To disable incoming SMS on all Twilio phone numbers associated with a Messaging Service, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the Messaging Services area in the Twilio Console.
  2. Click the Messaging Service you want to edit.
  3. Browse to the "Integration" tab in the left-hand side bar
  4. Toggle the Messaging Service to "Drop the message" (under the header "Incoming Messages").

After doing this you will not be charged for, nor will you receive, SMS to your Twilio number(s).

Note: Once you configure your Messaging Service to drop incoming messages, they will show up in the console as "Failed", and be tagged with Error 30008. This is expected, and no action is needed on your part.

What if I'm receiving messages that look like spam or abuse?

If your Twilio project is ever subject to abuse, spam, or other forms of persistent unwanted messaging being sent to your Twilio numbers, we will do everything we can to help. If this happens to you, please contact our Support team and provide specific numbers or Message SIDs of unwanted traffic to your Twilio account, and we will do our best to help.

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