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How to Ensure a Ticket is Applied the Proper Support Plan

When you submit a Support ticket request to Twilio, our system automatically performs a number of checks to verify that any eligible Support plan entitlements are applied. While these checks are automatic, there are steps customers can take to help ensure your tickets receive the correct treatment per your Support plan. This guide explains how tickets are reviewed, and suggestions to make sure your ticket is tracked correctly.

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How does Twilio handle incoming tickets?

When we receive a support ticket, our system automatically runs through a number of checks:

  • What is the User SID that submitted the ticket?
  • What Account SID was used to submit the ticket?
  • What Support plan is on the account?
  • What is the ticket priority?
  • What is the ticket topic or product?

These checks are used to validate who the ticket is from, any support plan entitlements, and where to route the ticket. For example, if the Account SID that was used to submit the ticket has a paid support plan, the SLA entitlements for that plan are applied to the ticket.

How can I ensure tickets I submit have the correct entitlements?

The easiest way to ensure that your ticket received the proper entitlements is to login to the Help Center, and then select the appropriate account in the Account Switcher drop-down menu.

If you're not logged in, we may be unable to identify a User or Account SID. In this situation, your ticket would be created with the default plan of Developer Support, and receive no additional entitlements.

Please note that the Account Switcher is only able to display accounts you have been added to as a user. If you are not a user on an account but should be, please work with a current Admin or Owner of the account. They can add you using this process: Add, Remove, or Modify Users with Your Twilio Account.

How can I check which Support plan I have?

Your current Support plan is listed under the Account Switcher menu when logged in to the Twilio Help Center.  You can see more details about your Support plan, or change your plan, by visiting the Support Plans page.

Where can I learn more about Support plans?

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