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Managing Your Twilio Support Tickets

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What to do to ensure you can view your ticket history in Console

When submitting a support ticket, please confirm that you are logged into the correct Twilio account SID. This will auto link the ticket to your Twilio account SID when submitting the ticket. Also, ensure anyone who submits a support ticket is also a user on the Twilio account. See Add, Remove, or Modify Users with Your Twilio Account

Can I see all the support tickets created by other users within my account?

At this time, you will not see support tickets that other users created within your account. 

Can I see all the support tickets across multiple accounts at the same time?

At this time, support ticket history is account SID specific. This means you can only see support tickets for the account SID from within that account SID. If you’ve created multiple support tickets from multiple accounts, you will only see the support tickets related to the particular account you’re currently logged into.

Can I see all ticket types in my ticket history?

At this time, some tickets may not be visible within the ticket history in Console. Issues pertaining to carrier engagements or channel services may not be visible by default in the ticket history.

Contact Support

If you are having issues viewing your ticket history or any open tickets, contact Twilio Support

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