A2P 10DLC Brand Approval Best Practices

When you register your A2P Brand with your Business Profile, Twilio will submit your business information to The Campaign Registry for review which will determine your eligibility and throughput for your messaging Campaigns. Below is a summary of how Brand approval works and our best practices to ensure your Brand is approved. 

How Brand Approval Works

The approval process starts with a primary vetting of your brand completed by The Campaign Registry. As part of the approval process Twilio will automatically submit your brand for Secondary Vetting, an additional review process which can lead to increased throughput and messaging limits. Once that vetting is completed, you will receive a Trust Score that determines your long code messaging throughput to US networks as well as daily message limits to T-Mobile as described in Message throughput MPS and Trust Scores for A2P 10DLC in the US. To see a full walkthrough of the Brand registration process please see our A2P 10DLC Onboarding Guide

How To Maximize Your Trust Score

To make sure your Brand is approved and you receive the most accurate Trust Score, you want to make sure you submit your business data properly. Below are some best practices to follow along with some of the frequently asked questions regarding Brand registration.

Use a valid EIN for US-based companies – not a DUNS number

For private and public for-profit companies, the provided EIN and Legal Company Name must match business registration sources. Please ensure: 

  • For Standard A2P 10DLC brand registration, customers with a US presence must use an EIN number.
  • A DUNS number is not acceptable for US companies creating Standard A2P Brand registrations. A DUNS number should only be used in Business Profile creation if you do not want to use US A2P messaging and only want to use Stir/Shaken for Voice.
  • For Non-Profit and Political organizations, the EIN provided has to match the Legal Company Name available in the list of Tax-Exempt Organizations or Registered Political Organizations. Learn more in Nonprofit and Government Guide to A2P 10DLC Text Messaging.

Use a Valid Tax ID for companies based outside of the U.S.

For private and public profit companies, the provided EIN and Legal Company Name has to match registration sources. Please ensure:

  • ALL customers creating a Business Profile must provide a valid Tax ID. 
  • For Standard A2P 10DLC brand registration or customers with an International presence, a Tax ID from their country is required.

Guidance for companies in Canada

If your primary business registration is in Canada, please enter your Canadian Corporation Number, which may be federal or provincial. Please do NOT enter your business number or federal tax ID number, as that is not readily cross-referenced. As always, please ensure that your legal company name is consistent with your corporation registration and is properly spelled. The address you enter should also match the address you registered with Corporations Canada.

Guidance for companies in the rest of the world

Please enter the numeric portion of your VAT ID number. If you don't have a VAT ID, please provide the primary corporation registration number or tax ID number for your country.

Common customer errors for EIN/Tax ID

  • Using an incorrect business name, such as the name of the messaging provider, or a trade name name of the company instead of the official legally registered name.
  • The number entered in the EIN field is not a valid EIN or home country company ID number.
  • Providing a DUNS number instead of an EIN for a US-based company.

Check Your Business Address

For all entity types, a mismatch in one of the following might product a lower Trust Score:

  • Address/Street line
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code/Zip Code
  • Country

Please note: Submitting the address of a local branch or any address different from the official registered company address might produce a mismatch with a negative impact on the Trust Score. 

Supported Stock Exchanges

For Public Profit companies, the stock ticker symbol and the designated stock exchange must match available sources. Available Stock Ticker values are as follows:

  • NONE
  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • AMX
  • ASX
  • B3
  • BME
  • BSE
  • FRA
  • ICEX
  • JPX
  • JSE
  • KRX
  • LON
  • NSE
  • OMX
  • SEHK
  • SGX
  • SSE
  • STO
  • SWX
  • SZSE
  • TSX
  • TWSE
  • VSE

Other Factors

The following factors will impact the Trust Score, but cannot be influenced by data submitted:

  • Company size: For all companies, points are earned for the detected size of the company based on independent sources of employee count and revenue.
  • Years in operation: All companies earn points for their years in operation and domain age.

Is an EIN number required?

For A2P standard brand registration for US entities, EIN is required and mandatory. DUNS will result in an error and puts the brand in an Unverified state preventing customers from proceeding with next steps. DUNS is not an acceptable format for A2P brand registration.

I received an error stating “We are unable to retrieve your TCR Trust Score” what does that mean?

During Brand approval the vetting process is automated, however our vendor Aegis is going through some vetting issues, due to which there is a delay in populating the Secondary Vetting score. If Twilio is not able to retrieve your TCR Trust Score during Brand registration, it means that it’s undergoing this review which can take up to 7 business days. If your Brand is not approved after that time, please contact Twilio Support. 

I received a low Trust Score, how can I increase the score?

The best way to improve your Trust Score is to ensure you have followed the above best practices including using a valid EIN and are using an accurate Business Address. If you have followed the guidelines and are still seeing a low Trust Score, please contact Twilio Support. Please note that a Trust Score is calculated based on your brand footprint. 

My company was acquired by another company, whose information do I provide?

The guidance is always to provide the same business information you would use for your tax reporting at that given time. 

My company’s business information has changed, how can I update my A2P Brand? 

It’s important that your registered business information stays accurate and up to date for your Brand.  Currently, once your Brand and Business Profile are approved, you cannot make changes to them through the console or API, so if you need to update any information in your Brand/Business Profile, please reach out to Twilio Support with the necessary changes. 

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