Secondary Vetting for A2P 10DLC

As of July 22, 2021, A2P 10DLC Brand registration now includes an additional automatic vetting, referred to as secondary vetting. Twilio has added this automated process to eliminate extra registration steps, while allowing businesses to maximize throughput and daily limits. Twilio will automate the secondary vetting process for both Primary and (for ISV customers) Secondary Brands.

With this change, there is an additional one-time vetting fee of $40. This is a pass-through fee. 


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What is Secondary Vetting?

Secondary vetting is an additional brand review done by carriers that allows for higher T-Mobile daily message limits and maximizes throughput per campaign. The process ensures accuracy of information and maximizes your Trust Score, with no additional time for approval. You can find more information on A2P 10DLC message limits/throughput in the articles T-Mobile daily message limits for long code messaging with A2P 10DLC and Message throughput (MPS) and Trust Scores for A2P 10DLC in the U.S.

Is there anything I need to do besides registering my brand?

There are no extra steps required from you, as Twilio will automate the secondary vetting process on your behalf. Secondary vetting will occur automatically during brand registration. 

I have already registered my A2P Brand, do I need to do anything?

Secondary vetting will be automatically applied to all existing brand registrations, so no additional steps are required.

I’m an ISV, will the $40 fee apply to all my Secondary Brands?

Yes, by default, Twilio will automate the secondary vetting process for both Primary and Secondary Brands and each Secondary Brand will require a $40 fee.

Starter Brand registrations for smaller clients of ISVs are not affected by this change.

As an ISV, you will have the option to opt-out of this secondary vetting process for your Standard Brand clients (Secondary Brands) – see below.

Is Secondary Vetting required? Can I opt out?

Secondary vetting is mandatory for all direct customers and ISVs registering their Primary Brands. However, Twilio offers an option for ISV customers to opt-out of secondary vetting for Secondary Brands (your clients). This can be done when registering Secondary Brands via the ISV A2P Standard Registration API.

If you do not want automated secondary vetting for any specific Secondary Brand you are registering, you can pass an optional API parameter SkipAutomaticSecVet=true to bypass Secondary Vetting for that Brand. However, be aware that any Brand that does not receive Secondary Vetting will be subject to restrictions – see below.

(ISVs only) What happens if I opt-out of Secondary Vetting for one of my clients?

Any Brand that does not receive Secondary Vetting will be subject to the below daily message and throughput restrictions, depending on whether they are on the Russell 3000 index or not.

Brand is a Russell 3000 index company? T-Mobile daily message limit (SMS segments + MMS) Message throughput tier – Declared use case Message throughput tier – Mixed/Marketing use case
Yes 200,000 75 MPS per major US carrier 60 MPS per major US carrier
No 2,000 4 MPS per major US carrier 4 MPS per major US carrier

For more context on these limits as they apply to A2P 10DLC in general, see:

(ISVs only) If I opt-out of Secondary Vetting for a client now, can I have that client vetted in the future?

Yes, simply contact Twilio Support and let us know the Account SID, Brand SID, and name corresponding to the Brand that you want Secondary Vetting applied to. Secondary Vetting will be applied manually and you will be assessed the standard $40 vetting fee.

Please note that retroactively applying Secondary Vetting is a manual process; requests to apply Secondary Vetting retroactively to multiple Brands may take time to process. If you think a Brand is likely to need higher limits and throughput than what is available without Secondary Vetting (see table above), it is strongly recommended to register the Brand normally from the beginning and not skip Secondary Vetting.

If I’m eligible for Starter Brand registration, will this affect me?

Secondary vetting and the one-time registration fee do not apply to Starter Brand registration. Starter Brand registration is intended for ISV customers who send fewer than 3,000 daily SMS segments and MMS messages over 10-digit long codes using five or fewer 10-digit long code numbers. Direct customers meeting the same listed constraints do not need to register.

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