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Twilio 'Verified' Products and Services Breakdown

Twilio offers a number of different products and services that use some form of the word "Verify" in the title, which can be confusing for some users. This guide is intended to explain the differences in these products, and direct you to the correct one for your needs.

Twilio "Verified" Products

Twilio offers the following products and services that use the term "verify". Please click the desired subject to learn more.

Twilio Verify API

With Twilio's Verify API, you can quickly and easily setup one-time passwords (OTPs) to verify phone numbers, adding a second layer of security to your webapps. The newest release of Verify - Verify V2 - is fully integrated into Twilio's SDKs, and now supports dynamic linking and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for PSD2 compliance.

For more details, see Getting Started with Twilio Verify V2.

Verified Caller ID

Verified Caller IDs are non-Twilio phone numbers that have been verified for use with Twilio. Once a phone number is verified, it can be used as the caller ID for outbound calls placed through Twilio. We also have a security requirement for all free trial accounts to verify phone numbers that you intend to call.

For help verifying non-Twilio phone numbers, see Adding a Verified Phone Number or Caller ID with Twilio.

Verified by Twilio calling (Beta)

Verified By Twilio is our new initiative to help ensure that every call clearly displays the business or organization that is calling, and the reason for the call. We're validating businesses and partnering with leading call identification apps to help more than 200 million consumers know exactly who is calling them and why to help them determine what calls are real and needed versus those that are unwanted.

For more details, see Getting Started with Verified by Twilio Calling (Beta).

Notice: Verified by Twilio is currently in beta, and has not yet been finalized. Support requests for beta and pre-release products are generally handled by our engineering team, and as such, response times are not guaranteed. For more information on Support limitations for beta and pre-release products, please see Twilio Beta Product Support.

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