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How much does a phone number cost?

Twilio phone numbers are billed via a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) from the time they are provisioned. They may vary in price depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Phone number type: Mobile, National, Toll-Free, etc.
  • Phone number capabilities: Voice calls, SMS messaging, SIP Trunking, etc.
  • Phone number country: What country the phone number is based in.

In addition to the phone number’s MRC, we also bill for your usage with the phone number. Continue reading for more in-depth breakdown of how our phone number billing works.

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How can I see what a phone number costs?

Every Twilio phone number you provision has a monthly recurring charge attached. This monthly cost is displayed in a number of locations:

  • When searching for phone numbers in Console, the monthly recurring charge for each phone number returned is listed as the Monthly Fee:
  • After clicking Buy to provision a phone number in Console, the monthly recurring charge is listed at the top of the window. The phone number viewed in this example costs $1.15 per month:

Phone number pricing can also be found on our pricing site, as well as via the Pricing API.

When am I charged for a phone number?

When you provision a Twilio phone number, you are billed for the full monthly price of the phone number up front. We do not offer prorated phone number billing.

Phone numbers are billed on the same day the phone number was provisioned every month, unless this day doesn’t occur every month like the 31st. In these cases when there is a month with less than 31 days, your project would be billed the MRC on the last day of the month making that date the new monthly bill date. As there is a month with only 28 days, after the number is billed for that 28 day month, the standard bill date for the number will be the 28th until you release the phone number.

Notice If you purchase a number close to 00:00 UTC time the bill date could fall on the day of purchase or the next day based on when the billing is triggered and when it posts to the account. In these cases, daylights savings time may also impact the date the number is billed.


How is SMS and Voice usage charged?

When you use a phone number’s capabilities (make a phone call, send a message, etc.), you’ll be charged through Twilio’s pay-as-you-go pricing, in addition to the phone number's monthly recurring charge (MRC).

If you don’t make any phone calls, or use any of the capabilities, you’ll still be charged the monthly phone number charge.

The latest Voice and SMS pricing can be retrieved programmatically using Twilio’s Pricing API. For more information, please see the full Twilio pricing site.

How much was I charged for Phone Numbers and Usage?

Charges for your project’s phone numbers and services can be seen on the Usage Summary page in Console.

Here’s what a month with additional voice usage costs might look like:

Here’s what a month with only phone number MRCs (no usage billing) might look like. As you can see, even if you do not use the phone numbers for sending messages, calling, etc., you will still be liable for the phone number’s MRC.

Note: Your Twilio usage can also be found via the Usage Records API.

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