What information do I need to provide when applying for a new short code?


Please be prepared to answer the following questions when you apply:

  • If you are applying for a vanity short code, what is your preferred short code number?
  • If you already own your short code, would you like Twilio to manage your short code lease payments?
  • If you already own your short code and it is currently live with a different aggregator, which aggregator you are using?
  • Would you prefer to be billed every three months or annually?
  • What is the name of your company?
  • What is your company’s mailing address?
  • Who is the contact at your company and how can we reach you?
  • What email address and toll free number can your end users use to get help with your short code?
  • What is the name of the service that will be associated with the short code?
  • What is the website for this service?
  • How do you plan to use your short code?
  • How will users sign up to receive messages from your short code?
  • How often will users receive text messages from your short code?
  • Will you use your short code for sweepstakes, contests, or the promotion of businesses other than your own?
  • How will your short code be advertised (for example, how will your end user know to sign up)?
  • What is your proposed opt-in message flow?
  • What will your short code send in response to the keyword HELP?
  • What will your short code send in response to the keyword STOP?
  • What will your 30-day reminder message say?
  • What are examples of messages your short code will send?

Opt-In Mockup Requirement

As of January 2019 the telecom providers are now requiring that all short code applications be submitted with a mockup showing where users are being advertised the short code service. This can be a mockup of a website, signage, or, in the case of verbal opt-ins, a script. Twilio will be unable to submit your application to the carriers without a valid opt-in mockup. Here are the required elements in a short code mockup:

  • Service description and name
    • Example: Sign up to receive shipping notifications from Twilio!
  • Fee disclosure
    • Example: Message and data rates may apply.
      • NOTE: In the US the above verbiage is required verbatim, carriers will not approve mockups that include the word "standard" as this implies the existence of premium rate messaging, which is no longer allowed in the US.
      • NOTE: In Canada the word "standard" must be included.
  • Frequency
    • Example: "One message per login", "Message frequency varies", "Three messages per delivery"
  • Customer care contact information
    • Example: "Reply HELP for help"
  • Opt out instructions
    • Example: "Reply STOP to opt out"
  • Link to Mobile Terms of Service
  • Link to Privacy Policy
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