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US Short Code Amendments


In the US, Short Codes must be associated with a specific use-case (or set of use cases) and a specific-brand at the time of application. If there is a change in either use case or brand then you must file an amendment to your original SMS program (sometimes called an SMS campaign or just campaign).

To submit an amendment the new information must be provided to Twilio, so that we can update the information on file with the carriers.

To start the amendment process please submit a Short Code support ticket in your Twilio console or send an email to with the title "Short Code Amendment Request".

What information is needed to submit an amendment request?

Please submit all of the following information, even if the information is not changing.

Can I run my new messaging right away?

No, you must wait until after you receive confirmation from the Twilio Short Code team before you can run new messaging. Running unapproved messaging content may result in your Short Code being temporarily shut down by carriers.

What do I need to do doing the amendment process?

Please ensure your HELP and STOP keywords are returning compliant responses as these keywords will be tested during the amendment process.

What else do I need to know?

If the messaging brand or use case is changing completely then carriers will view it as an entirely new SMS program/campaign. Messaging may be disabled on some carriers for several days during the amendment process until the amendment has been approved.

How long does the amendment process take?

Generally amendments will be fully approved within a few weeks of submission. Please bear in mind that every customer's situation is unique, and sometimes the process can take longer.

How much do amendments cost?

Amendment pricing is currently undergoing revision, please coordinate with your Twilio Short Code Specialist in your support request for pricing questions. Some amendments may not have any fees, your assigned Short Code Expert will inform you if any fees are required before submitting your amendment to carriers.


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