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Can I send or receive text messages with a Twilio Toll-Free phone number?

Yes. Twilio US Toll-Free numbers support two-way SMS (sending and receiving text messages) within the United States and Canada, and one-way SMS to other countries.

For receiving messages on your Twilio number, please make sure your Twilio phone number or Messaging Service is configured to receive incoming messages.

Please note that standard messaging rates do apply when sending SMS to, and receiving SMS from, a Toll-Free number.

Toll-Free SMS in the US and Canada offers certain advantages, but is also subject to rules and limitations. Please see Information and best practices for using Toll-Free SMS in the US and Canada for details.

If you are trying to decide between Toll-Free, short code, and long code for messaging in the US and Canada, check out this comparison.

What about other countries' Toll-Free numbers?

Toll-Free phone numbers from countries other than the US do not support SMS, and are not able to send or receive text messages.

Please refer to this list of SMS-enabled phone numbers available through Twilio.

Sending SMS to other countries with a US Toll-Free number

Toll-Free numbers can be used to send one-way SMS to countries outside the US and Canada, the same as if you are using a standard Twilio US/Canada long code.

For two-way SMS (receiving replies from end users) ensure you are using an SMS capable Twilio number from the same country as your recipients. For more information about two-way SMS, please see Receiving Two-Way SMS and MMS Messages with Twilio.

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