Sending and receiving MMS messages

Yes, as long as your Twilio phone number is MMS-enabled. Currently Twilio offers MMS-enabled long code phone numbers in the US and Canada as well as MMS-enabled Twilio short codes in the US. Read our phone numbers FAQ to learn how to buy an MMS-enabled Twilio long code or check the capabilities of your existing phone numbers.

Sending MMS messages in United States and Canada

At this time, MMS messaging can only be sent within the US and Canada. International MMS messaging outside these two countries is not yet supported, however MMS messages sent internationally will be converted to SMS text messages with a URL link to the media. MMS messages sent in the US or Canada to unsupported carriers will also be sent via SMS.

Sending MMS messages is as easy as sending regular text messages. All you need to do is make an HTTP POST request to the Messages resource URI and specify your image URL in the “MediaUrl” parameter.

You can also specify multiple “MediaUrl” parameters if you wish to include multiple images in one message. Check out our API documentation for code examples.

To reply to incoming messages with an MMS, use the <Message> verb and <Media> noun to send a picture message. Here is an example for how to send a message with text and a picture:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF‐8"?>
        <Body>I drew an owl!</Body>

For more information please see our Messaging TwiML documentation.

MMS capability can also be added Twilio US short codes. An additional one-time fee is required if you would like to add MMS capability to your new or existing short code. Please see our FAQ on pricing for picture messaging over shortcodes for more information.

Receiving MMS messages in United States and Canada

If you own an MMS-enabled phone number, your phone number is already ready to receive MMS messages from other 10-digit long code phone numbers. Twilio phone numbers cannot receive messages from shortcodes.

Sending/Receiving MMS messages in the rest of the world

At this time sending/receiving MMS messages between Twilio US and Canadian phone numbers and other countries is not supported. 

You may choose to disable this feature in your Account Settings. If disabled, Twilio will throw a HTTP 400 error when attempting to send an international MMS.

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