What is a subaccount?

Subaccounts are a type of account within Twilio that allow you to create mini-accounts "owned" by your master account. A subaccount is an ideal way to separate your account’s phone numbers, usage, and application settings. 

Our users who commonly make use of subaccounts are:

  • Resellers of our product who have different customers of their own and want to keep customer 1's data separate from customer 2's data
  • Teams or branches within a company who want to keep their numbers and usage separate
  • Developers who want to create a demo or staging area of their account to keep it separate from their production account

All of your regular account users have access to your subaccounts, and any usage the subaccount runs into rolls up to your main Twilio account.

Still, you can pull usage logs on the subaccount level so you could, for example use your usage data to bill a client or an internal department for the usage on that account.

By default a master account can only have 1000 subaccounts. Closed subaccounts do not count towards this limit. If your account is approaching 1000 subaccounts, contact Twilio Support to ask about raising this limit.

For more information on subaccounts, see our subaccount documentation.

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