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Change the Name of a Twilio Account

Users with high-level access roles can change the name of a Twilio account via Console. This guide explains who has access to this setting, and how to make the change.

Notice: The Account Settings page in Console can only be accessed by users with the Owner or Administrator role. Users with other roles will not be able to access this page, and will instead receive an HTTP 403 error. For help changing user access levels, see Add, Remove, or Modify Users with Your Twilio Account.

Update an account name trough the Twilio Console

  1. Access the Account Settings page in Console.
    Note: Verification code sent to your email address is required to access the account general settings page.
  2. Edit your account's name as desired in the Account name field.
  3. When finished, scroll to and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Update an account name using Twilio Organizations

If your account is part of an Organization and you are an Admin or the Owner of it:

  1. Access the Managed Accounts in the Organizations Admin Center.
  2. Select the account you'd like to change the name of.
  3. Edit the Account Name field and click Save as per the Organizations documentation.

Update an account name using the REST API: Accounts

Twilio also allows you the possibility to update your account or subaccount name using our Accounts endpoint. 

You can find more details in about the behaviour of this endpoint in our REST API documentation.

Example curl REST API call to update the Account name:

curl -X POST "" \
--data-urlencode "FriendlyName=New Account Name" \

How do I change the account name showing on the invoice?

Invoices show the Company Name, as added via the Billing Preferences page in Console. For help updating the company name, see How do I Update my Billing Settings.

Your Account Name will also be shown on your invoice in parenthesis. See more at Reading your Twilio Invoice.

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