Can I change the name of my project?

Yes, users with the Owner or Administrator role can change the name of a Twilio project at any time. This guide explains the process.

Update a project name

  1. Access the Project Settings page in Console.
  2. If the project settings page is grayed out, click Authenticate to make changes at the bottom of the screen, and then enter your password to authenticate.
  3. Enter the desired name in the PROJECT NAME field.
  4. When finished, scroll to and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Do I have permission to update my Project Name?

The Project Settings page in Console can only be accessed by users with the Owner or Administrator role. Users with other roles will not be able to access this page, and will instead receive an HTTP 403 error. For help changing user access levels, see Adding, Removing, or Modifying Users with Your Twilio Project.

How do I change the Project Name showing on the invoice?

Invoices show the Company Name, as added via the Billing Preferences page in Console. For help updating the company name, see How do I Update my Billing Settings.

Staring February 2020, your Project Name will also be shown on your invoice in parenthesis. See more at Reading your Twilio Invoice.

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