How to search for phone numbers

You can buy phone numbers in your Console, or by using the API. Make sure to have the correct country selected in the drop-down menu.

Basic Search

The basic phone number search is meant to cover the most common types of searches. For the most basic search, you can just hit Search right away, and you will get results in the country selected in the dropdown, which defaults to the United States.

There are a variety of ways to modify your search:

1. Change the country: You can select the country in the country dropdown.

2. Search by Number: When searching by number, the search will match results at the beginning of the number by default, but this can be changed in the Advanced search. There are several ways to search by number:

  • You can leave it blank, or type in a search term. Example: “206” will search for any number in the area code 206 (in the US).
  • You can search by phrase.  Example: “fun” will search for any number starting with the word “fun”. In this example this will match any number in the 386 area code in the US.
  • Wildcard searches: ‘*’ matches exactly one digit. Example: “***fun” will match any number that starts with “fun” in any area code (in the US).
  • Wildcard searches: ‘%’ matches one or more digits. Example: “660%fun” will match any number with area code 660 that has “fun” somewhere in the number (in the US).

3. Search by Location: Location searching is only available in the US & Canada. You can search by city or state (but not Canadian province). The results returned will be nearest the specified location’s geographic center. Therefore, if you search for “Oakland” you may see results in the areas around Oakland but not in Oakland.

4. Search by capability: Select the capabilities that you need for this phone number – Voice, SMS, MMS or any. Note that the available options will be greyed out based on the country selected.

5. International beta numbers: We offer experimental beta numbers in a couple different countries, which are all listed here. The “Beta Numbers” checkbox is automatically selected in countries that we offer beta numbers in so these numbers will display in search results by default.

Advanced Search

You can get to the Advanced Search from the Basic search form, and also from the results page by clicking “Advanced Search”. The Advanced Search form gives you the following features in addition to the Basic search:

  1. You can change the matching pattern from always being at the beginning of the result to matching anywhere or at the end. For example, if you change the dropdown to “term found anywhere” then a search for “fun” will match any number where the word “fun” occurs.
  2. You can choose whether you are looking for a local, mobile, toll-free number or any. The Capabilities filters will grey out based on what you choose here. For example, a local number typically does not support SMS.
  3. You can also choose whether you want numbers that require certification or you can leave it at Any.
  4. You can select the “Beta Numbers” checkbox to have our beta numbers display in search results. This is selected by default in countries where we offer beta numbers.

As a reminder, these same search patterns can be used as part of the “Contains” list filter when making a GET request to the AvailablePhoneNumbers list resource.

We re-stock our inventory of phone numbers nearly every day. If you can’t find phone numbers in the area you are looking for, feel free to contact Twilio Customer Support.

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