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Can I go directly to The Campaign Registry for US A2P 10DLC registration?

In order to register your US long code messaging traffic for A2P 10DLC, Twilio offers registration through Twilio’s Trust Hub. Twilio has integrated directly with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to facilitate registration for all our customers. This offers you other benefits of Twilio’s Trust Hub.

However, if you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you can apply to Twilio for an exception to allow you to go directly to TCR for your US A2P Brand and Campaign Use Case registrations, and use those registrations for your message traffic on Twilio. If you aren't sure whether you are an ISV, see our A2P 10DLC registration article for a description of ISV vs. a direct customer.

The process to request an exception to go directly to TCR is described below. However, before considering this option, please review the below information about requirements and limitations when registering your US A2P Brands and Campaign Use Cases directly with TCR.

Notice: As of January 26, 2023, new A2P campaign registrations have a new manual vetting process that includes a $15 campaign verification fee at the time of external vetting. If external vetting denies a campaign, additional charges may occur with re-submission. 
With this new vetting process, a newly submitted campaign will be put in a “In_Progress'' state until it has been vetted. You won’t be able to send messages using the new campaign during this time until it is fully approved. 
Effective March 15, 2023, Twilio will vet Externally Registered campaigns before you connect your campaign to a Twilio Messaging Service via the ERC API. We’re finalizing the full steps in our API documentation; in the meantime, please refer to our Changes to Externally Registered Campaign Submission guide to review the latest updates. 
Once completed, if you experience any issues with message delivery from numbers in these Campaigns, please make sure to specify that registration was done directly through TCR when opening a request with Twilio Support. This should help expedite review and troubleshooting of that traffic.

Article contents:

I am a direct customer of Twilio (not an ISV). Can direct customers register their US A2P Brands and Campaign Use Cases with TCR?

No, at this time only ISVs are able to complete registration directly through TCR, according to TCR and carrier rules.

Direct customers must use Twilio’s Trust Hub and A2P registration system to submit their information to TCR.

What additional work is required of ISVs if they go directly to TCR?

Going directly to TCR for registration requires working through and understanding telecom complexities such as Direct Connect Aggregators (DCAs), rate limits, and daily messaging caps. If you are using Free Trial registrations with TCR, you will also have a monthly reporting requirement. For details, see What limitations/complexities are introduced by going directly to TCR? below.

Twilio’s Trust Hub takes care of this complexity for you, so you only have to register your Brands and Campaigns (Use Cases).

What other advantages does Twilio's Trust Hub offer, compared to going direct to TCR?

In addition to managing the telecom complexities, Twilio’s Trust Hub also offers a streamlined registration process that allows you to register a Business Profile once, and use that same registered information across multiple channels (Messaging, Voice, etc.). For example, Twilio’s Voice product offers SHAKEN/STIR for trusted calling, which also utilizes Trust Hub registration.

Twilio is also continually discussing price advantages that we can provide to our customers, now and in the future. By utilizing the Twilio Trust Hub and APIs, you have a centralized, single-vendor experience that guarantees quality, support, and cost-effectiveness.

What limitations/complexities are introduced by going directly to TCR?

Campaigns Can’t Be Shared Across Vendors

Campaigns registered through TCR can’t be shared across vendors, so you will still need to work with a vendor like Twilio to attach your registered Campaigns to phone numbers. It is not possible to use a single Campaign across multiple vendors.

Migration Between Vendors Could Result in Downtime

Migration between vendors requires you to create new Campaigns in TCR, which could result in downtime. TCR requires you to select a vendor when registering a Campaign, and does not allow an already-registered Campaign to be changed to utilize a different vendor. 

If you wish to use the same phone numbers via a different vendor, you would also be required to move phone numbers between providers. It is likely there would be downtime in the process of moving your numbers.

Throughput Updates from Secondary Vetting Must Be Manually Requested with TCR

If you perform secondary (Aegis) vetting for one or more of your Brands, the messaging throughput on any already-registered Campaigns under that Brand will not update automatically. You will need to reach out to TCR support to request applying the resultant (likely higher) messaging throughput to any Campaigns you have already registered under that Brand.

When you register through Twilio, we automate secondary vetting for you and work with TCR frequently to update throughputs for registered Campaigns to higher limits, if and when required.

"Platform Free Trial" Campaigns are not supported via Twilio.

Registering Free Trial customers directly with TCR under the Campaign type "Platform Free Trial" is not supported with Twilio.

Sole Proprietor Not Supported with ERC's

Twilio doesn’t support ERC's within Sole Proprietor Use Cases. 

Registering Through Twilio Offers Assurance of Quality

The Campaign Registry is a new registration solution. We are still unsure of the full impact or implications of multi-vendor registrations. Bugs or nuances with multi-vendor registration, some of which might not be discovered yet, could negatively impact your traffic.

Can I register directly through TCR for one Campaign and register through Twilio for another Campaign?

Yes. You can register some Campaigns with TCR as discussed above, and register other Campaigns via Twilio. If you choose to do so, please keep in mind that the A2P registration experience in Twilio Console caters only to Brands and Campaigns registered via Twilio. If you have registered a Brand through TCR, you have to register campaigns for that Brand through TCR only. If you’ve registered a Brand through Twilio, you can register Campaigns for the Brand through TCR or Twilio.

I understand the limitations and I’d like to apply to use direct-to-TCR registrations with Twilio.

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply for an exception to register direct to TCR, please contact your Account Executive to initiate the process. 

If you do not have an Account Executive, please contact Twilio Support with your request.

I've gone directly to TCR. When will I benefit from increased A2P 10DLC throughput?

Once we have confirmed that your traffic can safely be migrated to A2P routes, we will do so. Please see A2P 10DLC limitations for more details. We will enable your routing through AT&T A2P routes once you associate your Campaign with a Twilio Messaging Service using the Externally Registered Campaigns APIs. So, once your campaign is registered, you will benefit from A2P throughputs on AT&T.

For T-Mobile, registration is decoupled from migration of traffic and the migration is not done automatically for Externally Registered Campaigns.

I've gone directly to TCR. How do I apply for the Special Business Review with T-Mobile?

The T-Mobile Special Business Review can only be applied via a DCA (such as Twilio) and has to be applied-for on your behalf by every DCA that you’ve shared your Brand or Campaigns with. To go through the process for the Campaigns you are using via Twilio, please follow the steps provided here.

Does Twilio provide the required monthly Sole Prop reporting to TCR or is it the customer's responsibility to provide this information?

Each CSP is responsible for providing this information to TCR. If the customer has a TCR account, creates their own brands and campaigns in TCR directly, then shares them with Twilio as part of the ERC process, they would be responsible for the report.

How can I register ERCs with TCR?

Please follow the following A2P Registration Requirements when registering the ERCs with TCR. Additionally, do not include Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in campaign registration fields. Publicly available information like brand names and phone numbers is acceptable.

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