To Check Your Number Registration Status: Go to your Phone Numbers in the Twilio Console, then Manage > Active Numbers. For additional guidance, visit our Troubleshooting article.

How to Delete a Regulatory Bundle

Regulatory bundles without numbers mapped to them can be deleted via Console and API, depending on the current bundle status. This article covers how you can delete bundles from your account from Console and API.

Deleting Bundles via Console

Notice: Only regulatory bundles in draft status can be deleted via Console. Approved or rejected bundles cannot be deleted from Console and must be deleted via API.

  1. Go to Phone Numbers > Regulatory Compliance > Bundles
  2. Click on the name of the bundle you wish to delete
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Delete Regulatory Bundle.

Deleting Bundles via API

Bundles in draft, approved or rejected status can be deleted via API, but the bundle must not have any active phone number assignments. 

If a phone number is currently assigned to a bundle, you can do one of the following to dissociate it:

Once you have no phone numbers assigned to your bundle, you can delete your bundle following our API documentation.

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