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How to Manage Your Own Notification Preferences on Twilio

With Notification Preferences, you and your team can control what critical communications you receive from Twilio. Twilio offers six types of notifications:

  • Bulk Data Export Notifications: Informational notifications for bulk data export activity
  • Pricing Updates: Updates to product prices and rates
  • Regulatory and Compliance Alerts: Alerts on regulatory and compliance issues/requests. This does not include Regulatory Bundle notifications or updates. Regulatory Bundle emails will be sent to the email noted on file at the time the bundle is created. 
  • Developer Updates: Updates to Twilio APIs, helper libraries and other developer tools
  • Legal and Privacy Updates: Updates to our legal terms, such as a our Terms of Service or Privacy Notices
  • Security and Fraud Alerts: Warnings about active fraudulent attacks and potential security vulnerabilities

This guide will walk you through how to manage your notification preferences on Twilio. 

Table of Contents

Adding a User to a Notification

Please note that only Owners and Admins can customize which roles in the account will receive each of Twilio notifications

  1. Go to your Notification preferences to add a role to a Notification
  2. Select the Role dropdown menuScreen_Shot_2022-08-16_at_1.40.43_PM.png
  3. Add User Role (Developer, Billing Manager, Support, Admin) to Notification

Deleting a Role from a Notification

  1. Go to your Notification preferences page 
  2. To remove a User from a Notification, click the “x” iconScreen_Shot_2022-08-16_at_1.40.50_PM.png

Opt Out of Receiving Notifications Assigned to my Role

As a Developer, Billing, or Support role user, you can manage the notifications that the Owner or Administrator of your account has already opted you into. 

  1. To opt out of receiving these notifications for your User ID go to your Notification preferences page 
  2. Uncheck the Opt In box on the far right.Screen_Shot_2022-08-16_at_1.40.57_PM.png


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