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Getting Started with Single Sign On (SSO)

Does Twilio Offer Single-Sign On (SSO) for Console?

Yes, Twilio offers a Self-Service SSO feature to customers with a supported Twilio Editions Package. Details about your current Twilio Editions Package can be found on your Order Form, contract or the  Console usage page. For more information, please talk to sales or your Account Executive.

What are the benefits of SSO?

Single Sign-On (SSO) enables users to login to Twilio Console using their corporate Identity Provider (IdP) credentials. Twilio supports IdPs that support SAML 2.0, such as Azure Active Directory, Okta,  OneLogin, etc.

SSO provides security and compliance benefits. For example: -

  • You can have a single source for authenticating your users (through the IdP). 
  • You can manage security and compliance policies such as password policies and mandating two-factor authentication at a single place.
  • When users leave your organization, you only have to disable/remove the user from one place.

How to Get Started with Self-Service SSO

Once you have an appropriate Twilio Editions Package active on your account, the Self Service SSO feature is available through the Organization’s Admin Center. You will have access to configure your SSO settings and manage your users here. Please see our SSO configuration guides for more information.

Once you have finished configuring your SSO settings, you will not need to enable SSO for every user manually. With the domain based enforcement feature, all existing as well as new users will get SSO enforced automatically. Therefore, you won’t have to track whether SSO is enabled for every new user invited to your Twilio Organization.

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