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Chat transcript in Flex Insights

In Flex Insights, for chat based conversations, you can view the chat transcript in a pane on the conversation screen.

Any conversation handled via Twilio Programmable Chat has a transcript available.


What is the retention period for Chat Transcripts?

Flex Insights doesn't store chat transcripts. The retention period is based on the Twilio Chat retention period.


Why is the chat transcript not available/empty?

If the conversation has been handled by an Agent, the chat transcript is available in Flex Insights.
If you can't load the chat transcript, please check if the chat channel is still present or it has been deleted. If you need further support, please open a ticket providing the task sid or segment id.

Is it possible to export chat transcripts from Flex Insights?

Chat transcripts are not stored in Flex Insights.

To show the transcript, Insights fetches the messages from the Programmable Chat API.


Is it possible to run reports on the content of a chat transcript?

Chat Transcripts in Insights are currently a "read only"/"view only" feature. You won't be able to download it or run reporting on their content.


Can I see the chat transcript of an unattended task?

At the moment, it is not possible to see the chat transcript of an abandoned task.

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