T-Mobile daily message limits for long code messaging with A2P 10DLC

Under the new A2P 10DLC service for sending messages via 10-digit long code numbers in the United States, there are changes to how message sending capacity is allocated. Message sending throughput (MPS) is changing and will be based on your Trust Score, as described in Message throughput (MPS) and Trust Scores for A2P 10DLC in the US.

In addition, T-Mobile (including Sprint) is imposing daily message limits based on your Trust Score. This sets a total number of outbound SMS segments and MMS messages that your registered A2P Brand can send toward T-Mobile (incl. Sprint) subscribers per day. 

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Default daily message limits for T-Mobile (incl. Sprint) under A2P 10DLC

You will receive a T-Mobile daily message cap based on your Trust Score (secondary vetting score). This limit is applied at the A2P Brand level, and shared among all Campaign use cases under that Brand.

The limit is applied at the Brand level and is based on the total number of outbound SMS segments and MMS messages sent to T-Mobile (including Sprint and MetroPCS).

The only exception by default is businesses that are in the Russell 3000 Index, who will receive a total limit of 200,000 SMS segments and MMS per day toward T-Mobile by default.

Please note, these limits are applied by T-Mobile at your Brand level, and are shared if you are registered on multiple different messaging platforms or services. For example, if Owl Company is registered with their own Twilio account, and also registered for A2P 10DLC messaging through a 3rd party support software called OwlDesk, then the Brand-level limit for Owl Company will be shared across both registrations and platforms.

How will these limits affect me?

First, please note: As of February 2022, T-Mobile traffic enablement is not instant and automatic when you complete Brand and Campaign registration. This means that once you are invited and complete registration, you will have time to assess your Trust Score and other factors before any message traffic is affected by T-Mobile's daily limits. For details, see What is A2P 10DLC and Current limitations of A2P 10DLC.

What will happen if I exceed my T-Mobile daily message limit?

If you exceed your T-Mobile daily message limit your messages will be undelivered with a 30023 error stating that you have reached your daily message cap for A2P 10DLC on T-Mobile. This daily limit will reset on the next calendar day (Pacific US Time). 

What time does the T-Mobile daily limit reset every day?

The daily limit resets every day at midnight, Pacific US Time.

T-Mobile daily message limits based on Trust Score

The limits that T-Mobile will offer based on your Trust Score (after secondary vetting) are shown below. Please note these are applied at the Brand level.

Trust Score

T-Mobile message limit (SMS segments + MMS) outbound









How can I get a limit higher than 200,000 messages per day toward T-Mobile?

T-Mobile only removes the cap of 200,000 SMS segments + MMS per day if a business completes a process called Special Business Review. For more information on Special Business Review and details on how to submit a request, please see T-Mobile Special Business Review for A2P 10DLC. 

(ISVs only) What happens if I choose to opt-out of Secondary Vetting for my clients' Brands?

As an ISV-type customer, you have the option to selectively opt-out of Secondary Vetting for your clients' Brand registrations. However, be aware that any Brand that does not receive Secondary Vetting will be subject to the following restrictions.

Restrictions for Brands registered without Secondary Vetting (ISV clients only)

Brand is a Russell 3000 index company? T-Mobile daily message limit (SMS segments + MMS)
Yes 200,000
No 2,000

T-Mobile daily message limit for Starter Brands

T-Mobile imposes a limit of 1,000 SMS segments and MMS per day to T-Mobile from a Starter Brand.

Twilio's advice that the threshold for Starter Brand is 3,000 SMS segments and MMS per day is based on the assumption that T-Mobile will be roughly one-third of your US message recipients.

If you often send close to 3,000 SMS segments and MMS per day, you may wish to register for a Standard Brand to avoid hitting T-Mobile's daily limit.

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