T-Mobile daily message limits for long code messaging with A2P 10DLC

Under the new A2P 10DLC service for sending messages via 10-digit long code numbers in the United States, there are changes to how message sending capacity is allocated. Message sending throughput (MPS) is changing and will be based on your TCR Trust Score, as described in Message throughput (MPS) and Trust Scores for A2P 10DLC in the US.

In addition, T-Mobile (including Sprint) is imposing daily message limits. This sets a total number of outbound SMS segments and MMS messages that you can send toward T-Mobile (and Sprint) subscribers per day. 

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Default daily message limits for T-Mobile (incl. Sprint) under A2P 10DLC

In short: 2000/day, unless your company is in the Russell 3000 index.

By default, the daily limit is a total of 2,000 outbound SMS segments and MMS messages toward T-Mobile. This applies to all customers regardless of the initial TCR Trust Score you receive when completing registration.

The only exception by default is businesses that are in the Russell 3000 Index, who will receive a total limit of 200,000 SMS segments and MMS per day toward T-Mobile by default.

How will these limits affect me?

First, please note: A2P 10DLC registration is in a pilot stage as of April 28, 2021. Customers are being invited to begin registration in phases. Message traffic is also not automatically being moved to A2P connections upon completing registration. This means that once you are invited and complete registration, you will have time to assess your TCR Trust Score and other factors before any message traffic is affected by A2P-specific functionality such as T-Mobile daily limits. For details, see What is A2P 10DLC and Limitations of A2P 10DLC pilot access.

The majority of Twilio customers sending messages to the US via long code will not be affected by the default limit of 2,000 SMS segments and MMS messages per day toward T-Mobile. However, some larger customers sending higher daily volume via long code numbers to the United States will need to complete Secondary Vetting if 2,000/day toward T-Mobile is insufficient.

How to increase your daily limit (Secondary Vetting)

T-Mobile’s daily limits are not based on the TCR Trust Score you receive when you complete US A2P Brand registration.

Instead, increasing your daily T-Mobile message limit requires completing Secondary Vetting, which will assign you another score from 0 to 100. This score will replace your existing TCR Trust Score. 

Secondary Vetting carrier a charge of $40, which is charged to Twilio and passed through to our customers at no additional markup.

To request Secondary Vetting, contact Twilio’s A2P Onboarding team via 10dlc-onboarding@twilio.com. You must include the Twilio Account SID on which you have already completed US A2P Brand registration.

T-Mobile daily message limits based on Secondary Vetting score

The limits that T-Mobile will offer based on your Secondary Vetting score are shown below.

Trust Score after completing Secondary Vetting

T-Mobile message limit (SMS segments + MMS) outbound









How can I get a limit higher than 200,000 messages per day toward T-Mobile?

T-Mobile only removes the cap of 200,000 SMS segments + MMS per day if a business completes a process called Special Business Review. Twilio is still working out the complete details on this review process for our customers.


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