Denmark Porting

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We offer porting for the following number types in Denmark:

  • Local (Geographic)
  • Toll-Free (+4580)

Please note that Danish local numbers only have Voice capabilities and can not be used to send SMS. Below are instructions for porting Danish phone numbers into Twilio. You can find porting summary and timelines here.

Once your request is received, we will place your order on your behalf using a legal document called Letter of Authorisation, which states you are giving the gaining operator the authority to act on your behalf with regards to your numbers. The order will be placed with the losing communication provider, for them to validate/accept the port order. 

Denmark Porting Requirements

General requirements

  • The full list of numbers that you wish to port in E164 format, eg: [+][45][XXXXXXXX].
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed by the authorized user and/or owner of the number(s). Note that the information on your LOA must match the authorized user name and service address provided by your current carrier. Make sure you are stating a valid Company CVR number on the porting form.
  • Your Twilio Account SID (Your unique ID starting with “AC” which you can find on the main dashboard in Twilio Console).
  • Add your local service address here (must be within Denmark). Then, please share the associated link(s) that start with "AD" for us to connect your phone number(s) to the correct address.

Additional requirements for Local (Geographic) numbers

Additionally, before submitting a port request there are some documents required by the compliance regulations. You can see the full list here

  • To upload your documents please select “Phone Numbers” > “Regulatory Compliance“ > “Bundles” in your console menu or just follow the link here.
  • Choose country, phone number type and follow the instructions. Processing of the documents may take up to several business days. As soon as you get a notification that your documents have been accepted, email us back to resume your porting request.
  • Please share the associated links that start with "BU" and "AD" for us to connect your phone number(s) to the correct address.

Denmark Porting process

  1. Submit your Porting request, with all requirements in place, to porting@twilio.comThe number gets approved by Twilio. If everything in Step 1 was done correctly, you can expect Twilio to approve your port request in 24 hours. 
  2. The number is submitted to Twilio’s Carrier Partner. This can take up to 24 hours. Your request is then submitted to your soon-to-be former carrier as a port request. During this time, do not close your account with your carrier and keep your numbers active.
  3. Twilio’s Carrier Partner reaches out to the Losing Carrier. This can take around one week to complete.
  4. Response from the carrier. At this point, your request will either be approved or rejected:
      • Approved: If approved, you will receive a porting date of when your number will be ported to Twilio.
      • Rejected: Rejections can occur for a variety of reasons, such as Incorrect Company CVR number, Incorrect Site Address or Incorrect number details (Missing DDI range, associated numbers etc). Read more about common reasons for port request rejections here. Additionally, you will likely need to reach out to your losing carrier to find out what’s needed to move forward. Depending on the needs of the carrier, this will add an undetermined amount of time to your porting request.
  5. Twilio reaches out to you with your porting date. Twilio will send you an email of your porting date for when your number will be transferred to Twilio. Once your porting date has passed and you’ve verified the number has transferred to your Twilio project, you can begin using your number. Please configure your number at this time.
  6. Configure your number. It is critical to set up the URL in advance of the port date so that everything is ready for when traffic ports over to Twilio. You can configure the numbers from your Twilio account portal.

We charge a one-time porting fee for Denmark, for more details please reach out to

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