Documents Required and Instructions to Register Your Alphanumeric Sender ID in Vietnam

Before we begin

Due to regulatory requirements, there is sometimes a need for documents to be signed by customers to ensure that registrations are done on behalf of customers that have the right to use the Sender ID. This serves to ensure that traffic is coming from legitimate sources and minimizes any potential misuse.

This article outlines the documentation requirements for a pre-registration in Vietnam.

Please download all the required documents HERE.

Things to note

For Alphanumeric Sender ID registrations in Vietnam, carriers have strict requirements for Sender IDs as well as message content. The following should be considered if you plan on registering an Alphanumeric Sender ID in Vietnam:

  1. Alphanumeric Sender ID should match company name and/or brand names exactly. In the case that the brand name differs from company name, supplementary official documents should be prepared (please see 'Brand Name Ownership' section below for more details)
  2. Signatories on all documents should match what is documented in the provided business license - in the case that it is not, supplementary documentation should be prepared
  3. SMS templates should always contain the Alphanumeric Sender ID requested - for example, if the sender id requested is Twilio, the SMS template should be something like 'Your Twilio OTP is 123456'


To register your Alphanumeric Sender ID, Vietnamese mobile network operators require that you provide the following documents:

  • BM02A document
  • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) 
  • Mobifone registration letter
  • Vinaphone template for Sample Messages
  • A copy of the sender's Business Registration Certificate (in Colour where possible)

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, please fill out the documents completely and accurately and provide any other required information. We recommend that you use the examples provided below for guidance (please download the examples to make side-by-side comparisons easier). 

When you have downloaded the forms (either via our Sender ID form, or as attached in this page), please follow these general instructions:

  1. Fill in the yellow highlighted fields—completely replace each field with your own information
  2. If you have questions on how to fill in the required fields, refer to the annotated examples 
  3. Have the documents signed by an authorized signatory of the Sender
  4. Add the Sender’s letterhead and/or logo, and sign where indicated

BM02A Document

This document is a template the network operators use to register your Alphanumeric Sender ID and sample SMS messages. Because this form is predominantly in Vietnamese, the network operators have agreed to provide English translations for every section of this document. 

Required fields include:

  • Sender company’s letterhead
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID requested
  • Title and name of authorized signatory of sender (e.g., CEO, CFO)
  • Signature of authorized signatory
  • Sender company stamp
  • Sample message template
  • Screenshot of website home page
  • Screenshot of user sign-in page

Note: Because the BM02A form has multiple required fields, as well as both Vietnamese and English sections, we strongly recommend that you use the examples below and follow them, field by field, when filling out the LOAs.









Letter of Authorization

The Letter of Authorization is needed to show that Twilio is authorized by your company to register the Alphanumeric Sender ID on your behalf.

In the case that you are not the owner of the brand name (for example, if you are developing a solution for your client), this LOA will need to be from your end client. As an alternative, you can also submit two copies, one where your client authorizes your company, and one where you authorize Twilio. 

This will also be needed if you are applying for a brand name that does not match your company's name, but is owned by your company (for example, Twilio owns Authy, but as in order to apply for 'Authy' alphanumeric sender id, a letter from Authy will still be needed). If you already have a similar LOA, please submit that document instead.


Mobifone Registration Letter

This letter provides the network Mobifone assurance that Twilio is allowed to register the alphanumeric sender id on your behalf. 


Vinaphone template for Sample Messages

This template is required by Vinaphone to understand which components/areas of the messages sent out are fixed, and which are variable. For the areas which are variable (changes from message to message), it needs to be marked out using {P.number}.

Every sample message registered can only have a maximum of 3 variable areas.  (You can only have {P1}, {P2} and {P3} at most.) 

Please see the examples below, where the variable components are in bold.

Example 1: OTP Use case

  • Original Message content: Your OTP code on Facebook is 123abc.
  • How to register on template: Your OTP code on Facebook is {P1}.

Example 2: Account Notification Use Case

  • Original Message content: Your order with order number 812567 has been confirmed will be arriving in 35 minutes. 
  • How to register on template: Your order with order number {P1} has been confirmed will be arriving in {P2} minutes.


Please right click, download and refer to the screenshot of a completed template below when you are completing this template. 


Business License

We require a colour copy of your business license for the registration. In the case that the business license is only available in black and white originally, black and white will be accepted. In the case that the business license indicates a different name from the requested sender id, please see 'Brand Name Ownership' and 'Letter of Authorization' sections on what would need to be included in your application. 

Please make sure to attach the Business Licence along with the other documents when filling in the Sender ID application.


Brand Name Ownership

Carriers in Vietnam are particular in ensuring that the company registering for the Alphanumeric Sender ID owns the sender ID that is being requested.

In the case that the sender id requested does not match the name of the company you are registering with, please prepare some documentation that proves the ownership.

Here are a few types of documents that are accepted by the carriers:

  • Intellectual property certification / trademark documents
  • Certificate of ownership, working relationship with requested brand (these include: agency contract, distribution contract, authorization paper, business franchise, etc)
  • You can also use your website (only for .vn, .com and, please provide us one of the following:
    • Domain certificate / contract
    • Extension contract
    • Screenshot of website with information of company




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