Documents Required and Instructions to Register Your Alphanumeric Sender ID in Vietnam

Before we begin

Due to regulatory requirements, there is sometimes a need for documents to be signed by customers to ensure that registrations are done on behalf of customers that have the right to use the Sender ID. This serves to ensure that traffic is coming from legitimate sources and minimizes any potential misuse.

This article outlines the documentation requirements for a pre-registration in Vietnam.


To register your Alphanumeric Sender ID, the Vietnamese mobile network operators MobiFone, Vinaphone, Viettel, Vietnamobile and Gtel require that you provide the following information:

  • BM02A document

  • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) only if the Alphanumeric Sender ID you are requesting is not affiliated with the Sender’s brand

  • A colored copy of the Sender’s Business Registration Certificate

  • Completed template for Sample Messages (Vinaphone)


To get you up and running as quickly as possible, please fill out the documents completely and accurately and provide any other required information. Use the examples provided for guidance. Note that mobile network carriers are very strict about the details! We highly recommend that you download the examples (hit right click, and select 'Save Image As...') and do a side by side comparison when you are filling out the documents.

Complete the BM02A document 

This document is a template the network operators use to register your Alphanumeric Sender ID and sample SMS messages. Because this form is predominantly in Vietnamese, the network operators have agreed to provide English translations for every section of this document. 

Once you have downloaded the form, follow these general instructions: 

  1. Fill in the yellow highlighted fields—completely replace each field with your own information. If a field is not highlighted, don’t change it.
  2. If you have questions on how to fill in the required fields, refer to the annotated examples we provided for each field. 
  3. Have the documents signed by an authorized signatory of the Sender.
  4. Add the Sender’s letterhead and/or logo, and sign where indicated.
  5. Upload the forms. 

Required fields include:

  • Sender company’s letterhead
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID requested
  • Title and name of authorized signatory of sender (e.g., CEO, CFO)
  • Signature of authorized signatory
  • Sender company stamp
  • Sample message template
  • Screenshot of website home page
  • Screenshot of user sign-in page

Note: Because the BM02A form has multiple required fields, as well as both Vietnamese and English sections, we strongly recommend that you use the examples below and follow them, field by field, when filling out the LOAs.









Submit an LOA for Sender ID Brand Affiliation 

You need to submit this LOA only if the Alphanumeric Sender ID requested is not directly affiliated with the Sender’s company name. (For example, Twilio owns the brand Authy, and it wants to register an Alphanumeric Sender ID on Authy’s behalf. However, because the two brands are different, Twilio must provide an LOA that states that Twilio has the right to register and send messages with the brand name Authy). 

  • If you already have an LOA proving that the Sender owns the brand name for the Alphanumeric Sender ID requested, simply submit that document. 
  • If not, open the Vietnam_Brand_Affiliation_LOA_Template document in the Vietnam documents folder you downloaded. Forward this document to the company / brand that you are applying the Sender ID for, and get them to sign it off and authorize your company. This requires them to affix their company stamp and for an authorized signatory in their company sign off on. 


Provide the Business Registration Certificate

This certificate is a legal document relating to the formation of a company or corporation. The network operator will use it to verify that the Sender is a legitimately incorporated entity.   

  • Submit a colored copy of this document. 


Complete the template for Sample Messages to be sent out using Sender ID


This template is required by Vinaphone to understand which components/areas of the messages sent out are fixed, and which are variable. For the areas which are variable (changes from message to message), it needs to be marked out using {P.number}.

Every sample message registered can only have a maximum of 3 variable areas.  (You can only have {P1}, {P2} and {P3} at most.) 

Please see the examples below, where the variable components are in bold.

Example 1: OTP Use case

  • Original Message content: Your OTP code on Facebook is 123abc.
  • How to register on template: Your OTP code on Facebook is {P1}.

Example 2: Account Notification Use Case

  • Original Message content: Your order with order number 812567 has been confirmed will be arriving in 35 minutes. 
  • How to register on template: Your order with order number {P1} has been confirmed will be arriving in {P2} minutes.


Please right click, download and refer to the screenshot of a completed template below when you are completing this template. 




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