Documents Required and Instructions to Register Your Alphanumeric Sender ID in Nigeria


To register your Alphanumeric Sender ID, the Nigerian network operator MTN requires that you provide the following document: 

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Business Registration Certificate

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, please fill out the documents completely and accurately and provide any other required information. Use the examples provided for guidance. Note that mobile network carriers are very strict about the details! We highly recommend that you download the examples (hit right click, and select 'Save Image As...') and do a side by side comparison when you are filling out the documents.

Provide the NOC

The NOC authorizes Twilio, Inc., to register and send branded SMS messages on your behalf.

Once you have downloaded the form, follow these general instructions: 

  1. Fill in the yellow highlighted fields—completely replace each field with your own information. If a field is not highlighted, don’t change it.
  2. If you have questions on how to fill in the required fields, refer to the annotated examples we provided for each field. 
  3. Have the documents signed by an authorized signatory of the Sender.
  4. In the green highlighted fields, add the Sender’s letterhead and/or logo, and sign where indicated.
  5. Upload the forms.

Required fields include:

  • Sender company’s letterhead
  • Date
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID requested
  • Sender Description (summary of what the company does)
  • Name and Title of authorized signatory
  • Signature of authorized signatory
  • Sender company stamp
  • Sample message template



Provide the Business Registration Certificate

This certificate is a legal document relating to the formation of a company or corporation. The network operator will use it to verify that the Sender is a legitimately incorporated entity.   

  • Submit a colored copy of this document.
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