Which Twilio Phone Numbers are Compatible with WhatsApp?

This article is intended to explain which Twilio phone numbers are eligible for WhatsApp's enablement process. Please read on for full details.

Supported Twilio Phone Number Types

The following Twilio phone number types are supported for WhatsApp:

  • Local
  • Mobile
  • National
  • Toll-free (US numbers only)

Notice: Toll-free phone numbers from countries other than the US are not recommended. See below for details.

When you submit your request to enable a Twilio number for WhatsApp, the Twilio API for WhatsApp onboarding team will confirm for you whether the number you have submitted can be enabled.

Numbers With Higher Activation Failure Rates for WhatsApp On Twilio

Due to limitations of certain numbers and WhatsApp's ability to verify these numbers, there are certain specific number types that currently have mixed success rates when activating for WhatsApp on Twilio.

  • Argentina local numbers
  • Denmark mobile numbers
  • Netherlands mobile numbers
  • Portugal national numbers (voice-only)
  • South Africa mobile numbers
  • Singapore national numbers (voice-only)
  • Singapore mobile numbers
  • Toll-Free phone numbers outside of US (domestically reachable only)

If you wish to activate these number types, please note that success rates are mixed. If your goal is to complete onboarding for WhatsApp on Twilio as quickly as possible, we would recommend using a different number type to avoid any possible delays. You can view a list of international phone numbers and their capabilities here.

Are Hosted SMS numbers supported?

Yes, Twilio Hosted SMS numbers are supported for WhatsApp messaging.

Do Phone Numbers need to be SMS Capable?

Twilio phone numbers do not need to be SMS-capable to be enabled for WhatsApp messaging.

Are Alphanumeric Sender IDs supported by WhatsApp?

No, WhatsApp does not support Alphanumeric Sender IDs.

Can I use my own number instead of a Twilio number?

If you are working with a Twilio account manager, you may inquire about activating a non-Twilio number for WhatsApp on Twilio once this feature becomes available.

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