Setting up a Twilio Flex Project

Twilio's Flex programmable contact center can't be accessed from an existing Twilio project. Instead, it requires you to create a new Twilio project. Here's how to set this up:

Notice: All new Twilio projects are created as a Free Trial project, and have separate balances and billing information. Projects will remain in trial status, and subject to all of the free trial limitations, including the number verification requirement for all outgoing and reply communications. These limitations are lifted once your project is upgraded and a balance is added. For invoiced customers, please contact your sales person with your new project details. 

  1. Login to your project at
  2. Click the Project drop-down menu.
  3. Select Create New Project.
  4. Click Flex.
  5. Enter the desired project name, and then click Continue.
  6. Invite a Teammate to access your Flex project, or click Skip This Step.
    Note: You can add new users to your Flex project in Console at any time.
  7. Please wait while your new hosted Flex instance is being built. Once it's ready, click Launch Flex to get started.

Error "You have reached the maximum number of projects allowed for your account."

Twilio users who are unable to create a new project may see this error indicating they have reached the default project limit. For full details, please see our Support article.

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