A2P 10DLC Campaign Vetting Delays: Twilio cannot approve 10DLC Campaigns ourselves, and must rely on third parties who control our connections to carriers to sign off. These external processes are creating several week delays for our customers. We continue to escalate these issues and are working to reduce delays wherever possible. Further details will be shared in the Campaign Vetting Changes article as they become available.

Move or Transfer a Phone Number to your Flex Project

Twilio phone numbers can be easily moved between different projects by the Twilio Support team. To request this change, please gather the following information:

  • The Twilio phone number(s) to move
  • The current project Account SID that will be losing the number
  • The desired project Account SID that will be gaining the number
  • The requested time frame for this change to be made (ASAP or a date in the future)

Once you have collected this information, please contact the Twilio Support team. If the losing and gaining projects have different owners, both owners should submit identical support requests.

Notice: Twilio numbers lose their existing configuration when transferred between projects. Flex users will also need to add their phone number(s) to their Flex instance. For full details, please see Configure a Phone Number with Twilio Flex.

Moving Numbers Between Subaccounts and a Project

If you have numbers in a subaccount and want to move these numbers to your main Twilio project, you can do this on your own using the REST API. Just follow these instructions to exchange phone numbers between accounts.

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