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Avoiding Abandoned Tasks with Twilio Flex

When an agent doesn’t close out a task before they leave for the day, this can have a negative impact on your stats. Here are some suggestions to help reduce the impact of this type of issue:

  • Create a maximum task lifetime (listed in seconds) with the Timeout parameter when creating your task. This allows you to make a task automatically cancel once it has exceeded the timeout value.
  • Automatically close all open tasks assigned to the worker when they log off for the day. Twilio will automatically make requests to the Workspace's EventCallbackURL when the worker changes status; you can use this to trigger a request to close open tasks when the worker is off shift.
  • If the worker had previously accepted reservations in their queue, you can also update the reservations to reject them and send them back to the queue, or redirect them to another TwiML document such as a voicemail.
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