Stop Recurring Charges

Releasing resources from your Project is an effective way to stop paying recurring charges for phone numbers and subscriptions. This does not close your Project; instead, it allows you to stop any new charges, and easily return to your Project in the future.

Stopping all recurring charges will remove the following from your Project:

  • Phone numbers
  • Short codes
  • Call recordings

This functionality is only available to owners of a Project, who can click on the ‘Close Project’ button on the bottom of the Project Settings page, and choose the ‘Keep Project data and settings but stop recurring charges’ option in the next screen.

If you have subscribed to a paid support plan, you can downgrade your subscription through the Support plan page on the Console.

Note: This functionality will remove all resources from your Project. If you’d like to release a few resources and keep using others, please contact customer support for assistance.

If you continue to notice recurring charges due to any other Twilio product, please contact customer support to stop charges associated with them.

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