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Stop Recurring Charges

Stopping recurring charges on your Twilio account releases all paid resources, but allows you continued access to your logs, history, and more. This is an effective way to stop paying recurring charges for phone numbers and subscriptions, as it does not permanently close your account. Instead, it allows you to stop any new charges, and easily return to your account in the future.

Stopping all recurring charges will remove the following from your Account:

  • Phone numbers
  • Hosted numbers
  • Short codes
  • SIM cards

Note: There are some recurring charges which Support cannot assist in removing from customer accounts. These recurring charges need to be canceled directly in console or through engaging your Account Executive.

Customers will need to make changes in console to remove the following recurring charges.

  • A2P Campaign Registration Fees - A2P campaign registrations can be removed using this process: Can I edit or delete an A2P Brand or Campaign Use Case?
  • Call Recordings - Call recordings have to be manually downloaded and deleted. Deleted recordings can't be recovered so we recommend downloading the recordings before deleting.
  • Support Plans - If you have subscribed to a paid support plan, downgrade your subscription to the Developer Plan through the Support Plans page in Console.
  • CPS & SIP CPS Charges - Any CPS increases will need to be set back to 1 for the Main CPS or Individual SIP Trunk CPS.
    • Main CPS settings can be adjusted under Voice Settings in Console.
    • SIP Trunk CPS settings can be adjusted under the individual SIP Trunk termination settings following these steps.
  • Add-Ons - Disable your add-ons through the Installed Add-ons page in Console.
  • Proxy ServicesAdjust your Proxy Subscription to the $0 plan through the Proxy Plan page in Console.
  • Twilio Edition product subscriptions - Partner with your Account Executive to cancel this subscription.

Stop recurring charges process

Note: If you continue to notice recurring charges, or need help releasing a limited number of resources, please contact our Support team.

You can manually stop recurring charges on your account from Console:

  1. Access the Account Settings page in Console.
  2. Click Close at the bottom of the screen.
    Note: You may need to click Authenticate to make changes, and then verify your password first.

Full account closure

Users who don't need their account data can chose to fully close their account, and get any remaining funds returned. For full details, see Close my Twilio Project and Refund the Balance.

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