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What currencies can I use to fund my Twilio project?

Currently payments in US Dollars and British Pounds (for UK only) are accepted. Effective August 30th, 2019, Japanese Yen was supported as well (only for customers with verified Japanese phone numbers).

All the invoices, project balances and prices for phone numbers, SMS messages and voice minutes will be displayed in one of these currencies (USD, GBP, JPY) by default, depending on the account's currency.

During signup, identity must be confirmed via phone number verification process. The country code of that phone number is utilized to assign the correct currency to the new account. USD, JPY and GBP are the currencies that new accounts can receive during signup.

EUR, AUD and BRL are also available and should be requested via Support ticket before using the account.


Please note: Changing currencies is only supported for brand new accounts with no activity. This will help prevent inaccurate numbers for the existing usage after switching the currency.

If the account has been used already, please create a new account and inform us. We can change the currency internally.

For assistance changing currencies a request should be submitted via Support ticket.


If a payment with an unsupported local currency has been completed, Twilio will be able to confirm if the payment was received and converted according to the current exchange rates. Please reach out to our Support team for assistance.


For information on taxes based on the address please see Twilio’s Tax Articles.

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